10 Reasons Why Every Adventurous Traveller Should Have A GoPro Camera

When you’re travelling, there’s nothing more satisfying than capturing a lifetime’s memories on an awesome camera, and that’s where the GoPro comes in. Whether backpacking with a bunch of friends or travelling solo, here are ten reasons why you should GoPro!


1) Simplicity – The camera is lightweight, compact and very easy to use, making it perfect for the camera enthusiast as well as the first time user. It is also sturdy, which makes it a big plus when travelling.

2) Size and weight – Small and portable, it can be squeezed into any luggage without you having to worry about it occupying space and being concerned about weight.

3) Built rugged and tough – Unlike other cameras, the GoPro is built tough and can withstand almost any challenge, including being given in the hands of a curious toddler owing to its safe housing options.

4) Waterproof – While the camera may not be waterproof in itself, with its waterproof housing you can rest easy, because it is now waterproof for up to 131 feet. Choose the dive housing, and you are good to go for up to 197 feet.

5) Housing and mounting options – Unlike a lot of digital video cameras out there, the GoPro has a variety of options, with housing ranging from minimal to entirely waterproof. Mounting the camera too is simple – you can attach it to virtually everything from surfboards to bike handlebars with its suction cup and clamp mounts. Choose to wear it on your head, arm or even in your mouth if you wish!

6) Functionality – With its time lapse option, the GoPro allows you to capture even a longer event like a bungee jump or a drive into a 2-minute video. Remember that with its various mounting options and point of view (POV) footage, you get a (literally) bird’s-eye view of what is happening.

7) Image quality – The GoPro can film 4K video at 30 fps, 1080 video at 120 fps and is regularly used even in professional footage, with its 12 MP still images at up to 30 fps.

8) Wide-angle photography – Fitted with a fixed 170-degree lens, the GoPro is perfect for wide-angle phots and videos. Another plus is the fish-eye effect the camera is known for.

9) Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability – Unless you’ve mounted the camera underwater, take your photos almost anywhere with you, on the go. A bigger plus is that you can make changes without having to actually touch the camera itself.

10) Pricing – If the above are not convincing enough reasons, the attractive pricing for such a feature-rich camera makes the GoPro a must have for anyone wanting to capture every moment of their lives!

The bottom line

Whether using the GoPro as a travel camera or one to capture everyday moments with ease, this camera likely cannot be beat for the myriad features it offers. Your best bet would be to choose the GoPro depending upon the activity you would most use it for, be it skydiving or kayaking, or clicking your pets and get started on creating treasured memories.

Picture courtesy – shop.gopro.com


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