3 New Daydream VR Games Coming To Google Play Store Soon

Times are changing and Virtual Reality is making its presence felt in a big way with more and more companies integrating aspects of Virtual reality into their products. And now, Virtual Reality is integrating itself deeper in the world of gaming.

For all gamers to experience each aspect of the game is quite enthralling and engaging. In Virtual Reality gaming, the user will experience a 3D environment which they can interact with during the game.

At the recently concluded Game Developers Conference (GDC), Google went all-out to promote their new VR headset, the Daydream. During the conference, the tech giant announced that they would be adding three new games to the list of games designed explicitly for VR headsets. Google unveiled not one, but three new games that would be specifically released on Daydream VR, mainly, Virtual Rabbids, Beartopia and Along Together. These games will be available through the Google Play Store.

Virtual Rabbids

Virtual Rabbids

 Virtual Rabbids is an adventure, single player game that has been designed for a superior experience through Daydream. In the game, you are employed by a government agency to recover missing digits. These missing digits belong to a nuclear security password which has been stolen by cheeky rabbits. You will have to travel to different locations to find each digit and create the right password.

Virtual Rabbids is the first VR offering from Ubisoft, the creators of the original Rabbids game. The game’s trailer is super funny and be sure not to miss it.



Google announced that award-winning indie game developers Spry Fox, will be releasing a new game titled Beartopia. This game has been designed specifically for the Daydream VR headset. The game has been promoted as co-op feature experience, wherein players have to construct and sustain a village. The co-op feature enables gamers to make friends and play with them and make certain that their villages are safe and prosperous.

This the first time that Spry Fox has designed a VR game and Google is quite rampantly promoting the game.  A Google blog article stated that Indies have been of great support to Google Play and they were excited to build a long-standing partnership between Indies and Daydream.

Along Together

Along Together

 Turbo Button’s ‘Along Together’ is a VR Game about being an imaginary friend to the gamer.  The game is a 3D puzzle solving game where players will take on the persona of an imaginary friend and try to find a path through treacherous areas and deceitful 3D objects. It sounds like an interesting concept and it will be exciting to see how Google capitalises on it.

For now, most of these games haven’t been assigned a release date. So as of now, it’s a waiting game for all VR fans.

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