4 Cool Gadgets Of 2016

Technology – a phenomenon that makes its presence felt every minute of the day – has now gone one step ahead to make everyday things smarter. Here are four such gadgets from 2016 that we think make it to the ‘cool’ category:




In case you’ve not already managed to guess what the product is from its name, Oombrella is a smart and a social umbrella, newly-launched by Kickstarter. It has a suite of environmental sensors which notify you with real-time weather updates on your smartphone. The sensors which measure temperature, humidity, light and everything else that is needed to judge the weather, are placed in the handle and are covered with moulded plastic for protection from the rain. You can even share the weather notifications on Wezzoo – Oombrella’s connected user base. What’s more is that, it also sends an alert to your phone, in case you forget the umbrella somewhere! Cool, yet useful.

Smart Jewelry 


Fitness bands have created a rage in the market, but none of them seem to seal the deal when it comes to style other than this Smart Bracelet by Mira. It’s chic, affordable and does its actual job – tracking fitness – with ease. It tracks the users’ steps, distance covered and calories burnt in a day on its iPhone app. Also, unlike the other fitness bands, Mira doesn’t focus on fitness fanatics, but rather, tries encouraging others who hardly get any exercise by notifying them through their app. And though it looks like a feminine design, it can be detached and worn as a brooch and also comes in different colours.



If you own a pet, there are times – especially if you have office everyday – when you might have to leave it home alone, whether you like it or not. Keeping that in mind, PetBot has been devised to keep an eye on your pet and notify you in case of an emergency. The device has a built-in camera and a speaker, which is connected to your phone and lets you see your pet as well as talk to it. Also, it sends you pet selfies and their voice messages to rid you off your separation anxiety. Another cool thing it does, is that it lets you treat your pet from your smartphone, keeping both – you and your pet, happy.

Smart Writing Set


Want to know what’s so special about this Writing Set by Moleskine? Well, paired together with a smart pen and an app on your smartphone, it creates a digitized version of your notes or sketches. Yes you read that right! You draw it on paper, and within no time you have the exact same design or text on your phone.  The notebook, that is, the Paper Tablet has rounded edges which makes it look like a tablet. The kit contains the Paper tablet, the Smart Pen and a companion App, with which you can digitally edit and also share whatever you create without going through the tedious task of taking a picture, uploading files, scanning etc. Now, it’s easier to note down things with this ‘smart’ version of the good old notepad!

Which of these cool gadgets you think you would be most likely to use? Drop your comments in the section below!

Picture courtesy – digitaltrends.com, geeky-gadgets.com, techxplore.com and theverge.com



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