4 Fitness Trackers With Built In Music

Fitness trackers are wearable electronics that help you monitor and maintain fitness levels by helping you better understand your calorie intake, sleeping habits, calories burnt, heart rate and other such parameters. More often than not, you carry them along with your jogging schedule or during your workout. And if these fitness trackers come along with music capabilities, it provides you with much needed encouragement to burn those fats or workout for that fab body you have been craving for. Let’s have a look at some of the best fitness trackers in which you can load your favourite playlist.

Tom Tom Spark



This fitness tracker comes along with all the metrics you require to maintain your fitness levels. It has a heart rate monitor, and GPS, which shows you distance, speed and time taken to cover the distance. The added advantage is that it comes with 3 GB of storage which lets you save music via USB. You can pair your Bluetooth headphones to the fitness tracker and listen to your songs wirelessly. There is no headphone jack so make sure you have Bluetooth headphones before you buy this band. It is available for $249 on the company’s official website or on Amazon.

Moto 360 Sport

2The latest of the lot, this smartwatch offers all the Google Wear capabilities and can perfectly work as a fitness tracker. It was launched with Moto 360 Second generation smartwatch, and as the name suggests, is targeted for fitness enthusiast. It is water resistant. You can couple that with your water resistant Bluetooth headphones and listen to music while jogging in rain or even while swimming. In-built memory, as it is with most trackers, is 4GB and songs can be synced using USB. It is available for $299 and you have multiple colour options to select here.

Adidas miCoach Smart Run


Though a bit out of date if you compare it with other option in this segment, it is perfectly capable of accurately reporting your activities and even displays animated demonstrations of your workouts which you should opt for. The in-built memory of 4 GB should suffice the need of storing all your music and the touchscreen controls allow you to navigate through different options of music player. You have to connect Bluetooth headphones to the band to listen songs. It sells at $299 on amazon on Adidas’ official website.

Sony Smartwatch 3

SmartWatch-3-SWR50-black-1240x840-79054d32a0d13a97bedae3d0b12f62af-79054d32a0d13a97bedae3d0b12f62afNot a fitness tracker, but Sony’s SmartWatch does everything your fitness tracker could do, and much more. It syncs with your phone to provide you all the notifications and lets you reply to messages and emails as well. With GPS and heart rate monitor, it will provide you all the fitness metrics on the watch itself. There is 4GB of inbuilt memory which lets you store all the songs and play them while you work out. It doesn’t cost much and does the basics right, which makes it the most sort after wearable. For $194, it is available on Amazon as well as Sony’s website.

Picture courtesy – tomtom.com, motorola.com, amazon.in and sonymobile.com

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