4 Launchers To Transform Your Android Smartphone

Installing a launcher on your Android device is actually easier than choosing one from the Play Store. With launchers you can totally change the interface of your Android device unlike iPhones. From home screen to apps drawer, you can personalize everything!

So, once you have installed a launcher, tap on it to open. You will find the launcher organizing the widgets and the icons already. Now when you tap on the Home button, you will be prompted as to which launcher you would want to use- choose ‘Always’ to make the new launcher work as your default one.

Your new launcher will remember you icons and widget layouts even if you choose to go back to the Google Now launcher which you can switch to at anytime. It is completely hassle-free to try out new looks on an Android device.

Every launcher is packed with a pile of customization options for you to try out. You can change the sizes and spacing of the app icons, folder behavior, app drawer settings, and so on. It is quite easy to find the settings page on every launcher.

Now let’s discuss some of the best launchers which you can download right away on your Android devices.

Nova Launcher


It is one of the most popular launchers on Play Store – it looks very similar to stock Android on the surface, but it comes with a huge stack of customization options, from scroll effects to icon labels.

There’s also a premium version where you can get unread badge counts on your icons for instance, while the launcher lets you hide apps you never use. It also offers support for different gesture customization and a scroll-able dock bar.

Arrow Launcher


Microsoft too has an Android launcher. Arrow Launcher has a fresh look, performs faster at getting your favorite apps rearranged, so you can get to use them easily. It is pretty neat when it comes to customizing contacts and the apps list is handy too. Also with the ‘Wunderlist support, the well-known ‘to do list’ will feel like a native Android feature.



This launcher really helps you to transform your Android Interface. With stacks of gorgeous-looking themes to pick from and the re-skinning jobs they offer, you have an option to create your own themes as well. They have a great variety of themes, revamped widgets and the themes can also be customized further.

Go Launcher


This launcher is also very well-known. It is flexible, bright and packed with features. You can add customized scroll effects, adjust the dock on your home screen, change the layout and order of the icons in the app drawer and much more.

You also get a few extra utilities like an app manager to check your app performance, news headlines and other resources, a system boost utility and a Google Now-style panel that links to your commonly used apps.

So, if you haven’t tried using a launcher yet, go to the Play store right now!

Picture courtesy – xda-cdn.com, kinja-img.com, androidspin.com and apkdad.com

by techtalks @TechTalks June 21, 2016 5:03 AM UTC


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