5 Apps For An “App”etising Meal

All of us love to eat but there are some of us who love to cook. However, most of the times we are clueless about how to rustle up something yummy and delicious in a jiffy!! Worry not… Nowadays smartphones are not just used for communication, they are equipped with apps and can also help you cook!

Here are some of the best cooking apps:

Sweet ‘n’ Spicy


If you are looking for Indian recipes, than this is the app you need to have on your phone. It has more than 4000 recipes that include vegetarian, non-vegetarian and vegan. The app even has a calorie calculator. You can also comment on recipes which can also be viewed by other users.Each recipe has the list of ingredients required, preparation instructions and user comments. You can search for recipes by name, and also save your favorite recipes.

Lunch Box



Cooking for kids is always a challenge! So, to make things simpler, here is an app just for you. This app will help you overcome the uphill task as children tend to be fussy about food. This app provides some tasty, satisfying and healthy ideas. Most of the recipes can be rustled up in just 15-30 minutes. It also has numerous cuisines to choose from – Italian, North Indian, South Indian, Fusion etc., and gives you an option to `favorite’ the recipes.

Dinner Spinner


Not sure about what to cook for guests?How about you try the Dinner Spinner app. Just shake the phone or hit “spin” to get a random selection of dishes and ingredients. The app contains over 40,000 user-submitted recipes from Allrecipes.com, including more than 500 Indian dishes. Each recipe features photos and reviews. You will also find time-saving recipe tips from Allrecipes.com members and their ideas for recipe variations as well. There are several categories to choose from, including appetizers, drinks, main dishes, side dishes and desserts. You can also choose by ingredient, search for what you have on hand or what you are looking to buy.

Simply Organic


Are you fond of organic food? Then this is the app just for you. Simply Organic app teaches you how to cook over 1,000 natural, organic recipes. Making use of the high-resolution screen and gorgeous photography, this app is updated with weekly specials, informative articles related to organic food. What’s more, the recipes are all user-generated, which means you get to upload your own recipe, with an option for tips and tricks. There is a weekly meal planner which will save a lot of time. It also shows the nutritional value for each recipe.

KnowledgeBook: Cooking


This is a cooking app which has absolutely no recipes. Instead, it contains all the little bits of valuable facts and rules of the thumb that you need in the kitchen. It compiles all this information in one place, and adds much more: what can be substituted for buttermilk if you don’t have vinegar, what can be substituted for baking soda, how many bananas it takes to make 1 cup of slices and etc. The app is really useful if you are a beginner at cooking, even though it is not a recipe app.

Using the above apps, you have scrumptious recipes at your fingertips. From simple breakfast to quick meals to mouthwatering deserts, you will be able to cook all of these for your loved ones.

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