5 Apps For Parental Control

Being parent is a tough job! What is tougher is knowing your child has unlimited internet access. Be it surfing, accessing information for educational projects, playing games or using social apps, children these days are exposed to unprotected internet nuisance. Are you willing to take chances with your child’s safety from internet bugs? If not, games and applications have parent controls to make your device family-friendly and safety-enabled.

Kids Place – Parental Control


With a 3.9 rating on Google Play Store, Kids Place protects your child from accessing personal data and regulates the apps as per your approval. It disables downloading, making new calls or sending text messages and also launching apps. It has provisions to block incoming call and disabling all wireless signals while it is running. It has parent control options to block certain websites, filter content like pictures and video. The app makes a kid’s experience better by providing an option of customized wallpaper.

SecureTeen – Parental Control


SecureTeen is a parental control app which lessens your worries by tracking and refining your child’s online activities, keeping a check on apps they download on their cell phones & tablets and keeps you informed of where they are. It filters all harmful / adult content. Interestingly, it also helps you schedule online usage of your child, monitor calls and text messages, keeps a tab on social media apps, etc. remotely through an online control panel so that you can control your child’s safety.

Screen Time – Parental Control


As parental control app, Screen Time lets you supervise your kids’ time spent on tablets and smart phones. It has a 14 day free trial period which enables you to manage your child’s time on device. It allows you to block certain apps completely and send an alert when a new app is installed or downloaded on their device. It lets you grant excess time as a bonus to a chorus added and also time them out when required. Lastly, it aids in setting daily time limit on apps you want to restrict.

Kids Launcher – Parental Control


As the name suggest, this kid’s launcher with parental control restricts your child from excess exposure to unnecessary apps and online activities. It enables to set time limits on app usage, tracks your child’s location, disables buying options, monitors calls and SMS and prevent settings to be changed. It has a pin-code to set and exit from the kids’ mode. In premium paid version, one can monitor past 12 hours activities of your child and schedule the app time. It gives customized child-friendly experience by letting your child install wallpapers of their choice.

FamilyTime – Parental Control


Family Time permits management of content and time limit on all the devices. It has features of limited screen time, monitor & manage kid’s smart phone activities, detects location, keeps a check on internet and calls, blocks applications, Geofencing & much more. It empowers you to be there for your child in case of an emergency by getting SOS Alerts with accurate location details. In case you forget to pick your children up from school, classes, etc. it pops a PickMeUp alert with location details. All in all it helps manage your child’s digital lifestyle and provides set-ups for using devises safely and moderately especially at school, meal and bedtime.

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