5 Apps To Discover New Music


It is easy to quickly get bored of listening to the same songs again and again. While the amount of music just waiting to be discovered is overwhelming, where do you go to find this music when you have exhausted your sources? If you are tired of listening to the same old tracks on the radio and music channels, or applications like Pandora and Spotify have bored you with the same songs on repeat, there is a need to find a better source of new music.

If you are looking to be awed by fresh and soul-wrenching music, here are a few applications for you to download in order to get your fix.



Focusing solely on discovering new music, Last.fm gathers all the data of any and every song that you listen to on either your smartphone or computer. Once it has ‘scrobbled’ or gathered your metadata, the application then adds it to your music profile. This allows the site along with millions of users, to recommend songs for you based on your history. Another way to use this app is to simply search through the site for the music that interests you and then listen to the similar artist that are recommended. This app requires you to connect your music profile to the different music players that you use, for example iTunes, Google Play Music, etc.



Available on Android, iOS or even from your desktop, 8Tracks is simply put a compilation of playlists created music lovers and DJs. If you are looking for a playlist to suit a particular situation (a work out, romantic evening, party or cookout) the app creates a song-list of 8 tracks that are perfect for that moment.



Created as a way to help smaller and less-known musicians may their way into the industry, Wavo allows you to save the songs that you discover to a playlist. Songs can be saved either on the app itself or to the external music player you use on your device. Browse through genres that you are interested in for more applicable song suggestions. You can also use the app to connect to and follow other users with similar tastes, so that you can find new music through their account. This app is only available on the iOS platform or through your desktop.



Gnoosic is a self-learning application that suggests bands that you may like, based on a series of questions that you are required to first answer. You can then listen to the suggestion using apps like Spotify and YouTube. After this you are required to tell the Gnoosic app whether you liked the suggestion or not. The more data you feed in, the greater the level of personalised suggestions is.


BANDCAMP-LOGO-WHITEThe perfect platform for artists to share and sell the music they make, BandCamp is also a great way for users to find new artists. A section called Discover placed at the bottom of the page allows you to see which artists are at the top of the recommendation charts and which are selling the most. As a user you can browse through the immense database by using tags or sub-genres. This purchase-based application is available on both Android and iOS platforms as well as the Web.

With so many new and exciting ways to find new music there is no excuse to listen to the same songs on repeat and then complain. So go ahead and find out which app suits you best.

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