5 Cool Gadgets For The Sports Freak

Canadian author Malcolm Gladwell had once famously theorized that 10,000 hours of practice can turn amateurs into masters. While the idea has been highly debated, his detractors still can’t negate the adage “practice makes perfect.”

With increasingly smart machine-learning, technology has traversed a long way to make things easier for athletes and serious workout freaks. Here are 5 cool gadgets that provide a far better insight to your training, besides revealing actionable data to raise your standard of the game.

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball


You don’t app-enable a football just for the kicks. This Bluetooth enabled gadget, in reality, is a training device that connects to your smartphone or tab and delivers hands on (okay, feet on) lessons to master the pitch. It generates exhaustive data like how hard the ball was struck, the point of impact, and even the spin. The $200 ball not only settles the old argument of who shoots the hardest, it also makes your strikes more powerful. Talk of settling some goals here.

FWD Powershot


Well, you can say the power behind a great shot is in the wrist. But that doesn’t say much about what the hockey stick-topping sensor is capable of doing. This $150 gadget calculates the speed of your stick, weight transfer, swing angle, and other analytics. The iOS and Android compatible Bluetooth device can be attached to the stick’s shaft, adding only 35gm weight. But, it can remember 5,000 shots. Some memory, that is.

Game Golf Live


A good walk spoiled. That’s how golf is commonly referred to. But the Game Golf Live shot tracking system tries to make the sport more enjoyable. It works in the background for capturing real-time play stats. The $299 gadget is iOS and Android compatible. It has a waistband-worn tracking device along with 18 NFC tags to insert into the club’s handle. So with no effort—except of course your swings—you can easily measure the shot dispersion and fairway accuracy, calculate the club performance, count putts, and do other things. The gadget’s Apple Watch app displays stats, live scores and yardages.

Peloton bikes


Joining a spin class is only half the challenge to embark on a cardio-crushing session. But the $1,995 stationary web-connected bike brings you the class instead. It has Wi-Fi, a 21.5 inch touchsreen display and neodymium rare earth magnet resistance system, the bike connects a heart rate monitor to either a live class, or an archived workout library, and pushes you to the limits, sans any trouble of leaving your home and hitting the gym.

Vertical jump sensors


Out to conclusively prove that it’s not your shoes, the $125 belt-worn vertical jump sensor tells you whether your big jumps were really big or just average. The gadget measures vertical leaps and tracks your average and highest jumps. It also measures the number of times you got air, which is a key metric to ward off injuries.  It’s not only suited for basketball, volleyball players can also take advantage of the gadget’s stats.

Picture courtesy – refinedguy.com, uncrate.com, ytimg.com, pelotoncycle.com and  allaboutcircuits.com


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