5 Hidden Options Everyone Should Be Using In Android Phones

Android right now is used by majority of manufacturers as a preferred OS for their devices. However, a lot of their abilities are still not known to a vast number of people. If you are using an Android device, be it phone or a tablet, and want to make the most of it, we have five hidden options that you should be definitely using.


Android Device Manager

This is a powerful utility which allows you to remotely control your android device. Before using this feature, you need to enable it from Settings under Device Administrator. You will then see Android Device Manager and a checkbox next to it. Giving admin rights will help you ring, locate or even wipe the contents of your Android phone remotely using a laptop or PC. This feature can prove to be very useful in case you lose your device. However, your phone should be connected to internet for GPS positioning and wiping data.

Smart Lock

If you are tired of entering the passcode or pattern every time you unlock your device, this feature can be surely helpful. Smart Lock is available for Android 5.0 and higher versions and can be found in Settings. It can be configured based on GPS, or a trusted device, trusted face or on-body detection based on different devices. As the name suggests, you will not have to enter your passcode or pattern when you are in Trusted Area, near Trusted Devices like Bluetooth watch or by detecting your face.

Priority Notifications

The notifications can be classified now according to the app, from Android 5.0 and later versions. This lets you have better control over apps. With easy toggle, you can switch from all, priority or none. You can now choose which apps will bother you while you sleep in priority notifications and which won’t. This option is under Sound and Notification option in Settings menu. Nexus and OnePlus devices are known to have a physical switch for toggle.

Restrict Background Data

Another feature which lets you have more control over how apps function is Restrict Background Data. As the name suggests, you can limit the data each app uses in the background. Android apps are known to use quite a lot of data and if you are running low on it during month end, you can disable apps which use data and enable apps only for those which you need to be notified. It is available in Settings under Data Usage and then clicking three dots on the right top corner.

Now on Tap

This feature is available only for Marshmallow users. You can get information about anything which is on your screen by simply long pressing the home button. Android will then understand text or image on your screen and provide relevant search results immediately. You need not switch apps to find the information about a movie you are discussing with your friend on IM. There are no settings to enable this and it comes built in.

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