5 Reasons To Buy The Galaxy Note 7

Samsung is known for its extravagant and truly sensational phones. Power-packed with a ton of features, the new Galaxy Note 7 is no exception to this fact. In recent news, the tech company has received lots of flak for reports of almost 35 phones actually catching fire, due to the smaller battery that has been packed into a bigger phone.

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The company has not only replaced the damaged phones, but also recalled 1 million models of the phone across the United States. Samsung now plans to release an update that will allow the phone to charge up to only 60%, in hope to avoid any potentially dangerous over-heating. However keeping aside all mishaps, the Galaxy Note 7 certainly seems like a purchase that is worth the large price tag and here’s why.

1) Look and Feel

The 5.7 inch display of the Galaxy Note 7 has been modelled on the same design of the Note 5, however the uncomfortable sharp edges of previous model have been fixed. Instead the phone now offers a smoother finish that makes it one of the most comfortable and also compact phones to hold.

2) Improved S Pen

While it could be said that the previous versions of the S Pen were on the chunkier side, the same cannot be said for the Pen that comes with Galaxy Note 7. The new S Pen is not only slimmer at 0.7 mm, it is also twice as sensitive and precise. Digital artists can rejoice, as the new Pen allows you to intricately blend colours using the new Samsung Notes application. This change has also made writing notes a lot easier and certainly more accurate. The S Pen can even be used on the lock screen of the Note 7, allowing you to take down notes a lot quicker and easily erase any mistakes using the side button. There is also a handy new feature called Translate, which translates foreign text one word at a time when you hover the S Pen over it.

3) Waterproof

With most new phones coming out with a waterproof feature, it was only natural that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 included the same feature. The phone has a rating of IP68, meaning it is not only sealed against water but also dust. According to Samsung, up to half an hour spent in 1.5 meters of water will not do your Note 7 any harm. But wait, it isn’t just the phone that’s waterproof. The new S Pen can take a dunk too! So if you are swimming and you suddenly feel the urge to make a note while underwater, you can certainly do so!

4) Iris Scanning Camera

The main camera of the Note 7 is same as the one that can be found in the S7 or the S7 Edge. Which means that it captures beautiful images with its dual sensor and aperture of f/1.7. What has been added however are two special front cameras, one to scan your iris and the other to authentic the scan. This acts as an additional security measure to the already existing fingerprint scanner.

5) Speedy Wireless Charging

The Galaxy Note 7 has been fitted with a reversible USB Type-C charging connector. The battery which is of 3500mAh, is bigger than that of the Note 5, however due to its notorious explosive capabilities, it has been concluded that it clearly isn’t enough.

This exciting new Note is certainly worth all the hype that preceded it, we suggest that you hold off on buying it until Samsung comes up with a more reliable fix to the exploding battery issue.

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by techtalks @TechTalks September 21, 2016 10:26 AM UTC


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