5 Tech Devices That Changed The World

Everyday a new technological advancement is made. A new device is created to make our lives easier but they aren’t all big successes. However, there are certain devices that have changed our lives forever and we can’t imagine how we managed to live before they came along.

Here are few devices that revolutionized our lives for the better.

Sony Walkman


Our ears are always plugged in, no matter where we go or what we are doing. Music always keeps us company, whether we are in the gym or on our way to work.  The Sony Walkman was the first of its kind when it came out in 1979.  This device allowed you to take your music anywhere and everywhere.  If there was a song stuck in your head all you had to do pop in the cassette and play your favorite song on loop.  The Walkman evolved from the cassette to CD and to the technological advanced ones we see today. The Walkman paved the way for the IPod and other MP3 players that are found in the market today.  The Walkman made music on the go a reality.

Wi-Fi RouterScreenshot001

Gone are the days of sitting next to phone port and dealing with a dial up network that would take ages to download, besides being confined to a single spot. The introduction of the Wi-Fi router in 2000 changed the way we used the internet. It became faster and we were no longer confined to a single space. We could move around and use it wherever we wanted and multiple users could access it in the same space. No matter whether you are in a coffee shop, airport or a hotel you are likely to be in a Wi-Fi enabled zone. You are never far from it to access your favorite sites.

 Kindle E-Reader


The Kindle E-Reader from Amazon transformed the way we read and helped non-readers understand the joy of readingThe Kindle gives you the freedom to carry your favorite books with no matter where you are going all without it being in the physical form. You have your own library and book club within the confines of the 6 inch or 7 inch device.  The main innovation was a built in wireless library that allows you to access massive amount of e-books. If you don’t like books, there is always the newspaper, or magazine that would keep you interested.

Nintendo Game Boy


Portable gaming has become a part of our lives, whether we are playing Clash of the Clans or Candy Crush on our handheld devices. However, when the original Nintendo Game Boy was released in 1989, no other portable cartridge device had any success.  The makers of Nintendo bundled a little known game called Tetris into their gadget and the gadget took the world by surprise and reached unbelievable heights. Even today, the Game Boy is considered an icon in the gaming world. It sold more than 150 million systems and half billion games sold world over, this small gadget made a big impression everywhere.



Gone are the days when traveling meant having to carry bulky map books around or having to ask passersby for directions.  With the introduction of the Global Positioning System (GPS), driving has become much easier. The device can help you avoid traffic jams as well as tell you where the best entertainment spots are and most importantly give you directions to get there. All you have to do is plug in your destination and the GPs will chart out the way for you. So happy driving!

All these devices changed the way we live our lives. They gave us the freedom to have what we wanted when we wanted. There is no more worrying about leaving our favorite book at the cliffhanger or getting lost while taking a holiday. They gave us the ability to carry our passions with us anywhere and everywhere.

Picture courtesy- techreviewer.co.uk, microtech.net.pk, wikimedia.org, deviantart.net and nanotechnologyktn.com

by techtalks @TechTalks March 30, 2015 8:12 AM UTC


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