6 Apps To Help Design Your Home

Life has become much easier with the evolution of technology. Covering every aspect of our lives, smartphones, with their innovative applications, have indeed become an important part of our existence. Today, we will talk about the apps which will overwhelm you with their right set of tools, colours and furniture selection to decorate your dream home. But as usual, there are already too many to choose from. Well, we have tried to figure out some of the best to save your time and get started.

Home Design 3D Gold


This is an excellent app for crafting extensions or complete buildings, taking the chore out of digital designing. You can now establish walls, windows, doors and put up in furnishings, then take a virtual tour around your new home in 3D. There are two free versions of the app but you could enjoy it at its best if you opt for the full edition.

Homestyler interior design


If you want to renovate your room, simply take a picture and then import it to the app. Provide the positions of the corners and the walls as clues, and then you will be asked to choose from a host of furnishings by placing the 3D models in your room.

IHANDY Carpenter


Handy Carpenter is as good as carpenter’s mini tool kit designed for your mobile device. With its accurate tools consisting of a plumb bob, a bubble level bar, steel protractor, a steel ruler, a gyroscope, etc. will help you to very precisely measure, align, and level anything you are working on. The app has a built-in calibration function which will make sure that your measurements are always correct.



With Color911 you can create or select your own colour from any theme or photo, combine them to craft your palettes, organise colours in to folders and share them with your friends, family or your designers. It is known for its instant colour generation and will make that difference in your final product and that is all Color911 is all about.

Dulux visualizer


With its innovative technology, Dulux Visualizer will allow you to depict the walls before painting them. The realistic and the instant impressions which the app creates on how your room would look like are simply brilliant. You can now experiment with colours like never before. Once you are done choosing the colours and apply it to your rooms, you can save them and later even share with anyone you like.

Magic plan


This app will help you to build floor plans in a fast and easy way. Use your phone camera and while moving around, mark the corners of your space. Once you’re done, let Magic Plan produce a floorplan! It will save you lots of time and money from employing someone to measure it. With its Floorplanner and beautiful 3D views it is a great tool for marketing campaigns both online and in printed specifics.

So, say farewell to those haughty interior designers and embrace these smartphone-powered home makeover apps. Let them be your personal colour assistants and help you re-do your world without getting your hands dirty.

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