6 Apps To Satiate Your Hungry Palate

You’re new in the city and looking forward to trying out new things? Well, everyone likes food and especially when you’ve moved to a new city, you always have an appetite for new things. So, how do you discover the most popular hot spots for food lovers and locals? Well, if you have a smartphone, you’re sorted. Here’s a list of apps which can help you out –

Restaurant Finder


An app as simple as the name itself, you can look for any food joint based on your GPS location or area pin code. Be careful while downloading this one since there are already multiple apps called Restaurant Finder. The app with the Google-powered search function is the one you want. You can sort the restaurants based on rating, distance and even its prominence. This brilliant little app comes with an added bonus – You can search for gas stations, hospitals, parking and even banks!

Restaurant Finder takes virtual yellow pages to the next level. If you’re looking to discover your new city, this is the app that makes it easiest.



This is a must-have if you want to explore the city at your own convenience. Apart from the usual functions of food search app, Dineout lets you book a table and avail special offers while doing so. The freebies it offers make the life of students and 20-somethings in a new city much easier.



Another app similar to Dineout in terms of function, Bookyourtable comes with one of the largest databases among the restaurant finder apps available in India. From Mumbai and Delhi to cities like Jalandar, Kodaikanal, Mangalore and Vishakhapatnam, this app comes in handy especially if you’re travelling.


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An app which helps you discover more than just restaurants in your new city. From the glitzy events to the street food hotspots which often go unnoticed by other apps, Townista is catching up with the urban youth. It also comes with a special feature which lets you share your discoveries and activities with your friends. The database currently consists of only Mumbai, NCR and Bangalore, but this might soon change given the growing popularity.


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Though primarily popular as an app which lets you order food from the restaurants near you to be delivered at your doorstep, Swiggy can also be used to discover the popular joints in the area based on user reviews. In addition, you also get to know the popular dishes at the restaurant based on customer ratings.



And of course, this list is incomplete without the go-to app for anyone looking for restaurant suggestions or reviews in their locale. Zomato has become synonymous with foodies across India. It provides an exhaustive database which grows larger with every passing day and contains feedback from foodies across the country. Anyone with a smartphone can not only review their favourite hotspots and upload pictures, but also access and browse the digital menu and reviews of popular food joints in their vicinity.

So which app do you find the most convenient?! Let us know in the comments section!

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