6 Best Waterproof Cameras

While on a vacation one of the important things we always carry camera to capture beautiful memories. The things that we look in a camera while buying one is durability as it will face lot of wear and tear. One of things to look into a camera is it being waterproof.

Let us look at some camera options which are waterproof.

Nikon Cool Pix AW130


Travellers want a camera that can take good pictures and endure their outdoor escapades. The Nikon COOLPIX AW120 is the best waterproof camera because it is a great amalgamation of durability and image quality. This device is good low adventure sports. Its 16MP CMOS sensor takes clear images in any shooting environment, and the camera is packed with features, including red-eye reduction, anti-motion blur and face detection.

Panasonic Lumix WIFI DMC TS6

2Simple camera which is easy to navigate should always be given a preference. The Panasonic LUMIX WiFi DMC-TS6 fits this description. Whether are camping you’re your friends or swimming with your kids, this camera can judge the environment, take pictures easily and capture real pictures.

Cannot be used for scuba diving, it can handle depths of 43 feet for up to an hour, below-freezing temperatures.

Fujifilm FinePix XP80


Able to handle deep waters for up to two hours as well as cold temperatures and short falls. On top of that, it takes good pictures. It has all of the additional features we look for, and its auto mode is easy to use. It has a few quirks that keep it from taking the top spot on our line-up, including vulnerability to crushing and a low zoom range.

Olympus Stylus TG-860

4The Stylus TG-860 includes Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS tagging. It also has a full range of options, including HD video, picture effects and face detection. It can take pictures in panorama, and its self-timer allows you to get yourself in a wide picture. Finally, it has in-camera editing, so that you can crop, touch up or delete images.

Olympus made the TG-860 among the most durable, able to handle up to 50 feet depths for an hour.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX30

5The Cyber-shot can handle a respectable depth of 33 feet for an hour. This also means that it can readily handle any other water-based adventure, including kayaking, diving in the pool and taking pictures on the beach. It is also a good option for skiing trips, as it can handle below-freezing temperatures. It is rated for 5-foot drops, and its dustproof. Unfortunately, it is not crushproof, so you’ll have to be careful when you pack it in your bag.

Ricoh WG-30w


The Ricoh WG-30w is an impressive vacation camera with good durability and image quality. Unfortunately, when compared to better cameras, it seems unremarkable, but it’s still a good option for vacationers.

The Ricoh WG-30w can withstand nearly any vacation adventure you are planning. Unfortunately, it is not rated for scuba diving, although it can handle depths of 39 feet for two hours. You can go swimming at the pool or in the ocean without worrying that they camera will get waterlogged. Additionally, it can handle below-freezing temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit. If you drop the camera from just under 5 feet, it will be fine, but any more than that, and it could break.

Picture courtesy – amazonaws.com, cameraegg.org, bhphotovideo.com, fujifilm.com, toptenreviews.com and bhphotovideo.com

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