A Look At The Best Apps For BlackBerry

There’s no doubt that your BlackBerry is powerful, smart and out of the box, but it gets even better with a handful of these third party applications. Now these are in no particular order and we are not going to rank them because users have their own parameters to define the ones they like better. So let’s get started.



This is a fun app which allows you to gather all your favorite photos into custom frames, adjust them, apply desired effects, include text caption and then share the perfect image on different social networks. The app also organizes contests which you can take part in and win prizes!

BlackBerry Messenger


This free communication app helps you to send instant messages, share voice calls or send voice notes. It’s not just confined to blackberry users but helps you to stay in touch with your pals using other platforms like IOS and Android as well.

Scan to text


We all need a good mobile scanner, don’t we? With an OCR technology, this app allows you to extract the text from an image or save your images from the gallery/camera in the form of a multi-page PDF file. Also, this app doesn’t need an internet connection. So go for it!

Translator- express suite


Making an attempt to learn a new language? With this app you can translate text to the language you want. It also includes in-built dictionary that shows the meaning of the words.

Screen grabber


This is a must have application for your phone. It’s very user friendly and you can seamlessly capture a screen shot or a map/direction, website links, etc and share it with friends and family.

PDF creator


This powerful app that helps you convert your files to PDF format with just few taps. Most importantly, all your files are converted with high security and privacy options. Once you are done, you can share them through BBM and email.

Microsoft OneDrive


This simple app allows users to build an online space to pile up all their important files so they can access all of them wherever and whenever they want. Users can also share files easily with their dear ones from their mobile devices.




Since these days everything has an app, culinary topics is no exception. Those of you who love to cook would find this app great. You can get instant access to your favorite chefs sharing thousands of recipes and videos.

There’s a lot more. Do try iSkoot, it is excellent for skyping. If you tweet a lot, give a shot to TwitterBerry.Mobipocket Reader is a great ebook app or web messenger that helps you log into multiple accounts at the same time.

It’s really difficult to congregate the best since it varies from user to user. So keep loving your BlackBerry and try out these awesome apps!

Picture courtesy- gadgetgaul.com, sammobile.com, sftcdn.net, cdn.appaz.co, pdfconverterformac.net, teachthought.com, starchefs.com.

by techtalks @TechTalks March 16, 2015 11:35 AM UTC


Mobile Upgrades: Killing The Product Before Its Time?

Have to agree. The speed of newer phone models within the same series and newer app versions lead to more thought put into buying decisions. Phone lines have a definite short shelf life

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Frequently upgrading the software is a real problem as updating the software might cause your phone to lag because of the older hardware.

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They should come out with upgrades for the specific phones and not for the separate Operating System. This way a special version for your phones specific hardware can be made

Maalin Ashar

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