A Look At Vu 60S8575 LED TV And TViST Speakers

One of India’s most luxurious TV manufacturers, Vu has been receiving lots of attention with its out-of-the-box products and price tags. It’s been producing affordable televisions with great specifications that more and more buyers are choosing over big-name brands such as Sony, LG and Samsung. Vu also claims to be the only Indian company selling A+ grade panels in India and has a well-known business in commercial displays.

Today, we will review one of Vu’s larger televisions, the 60S8575. At 60 inches, it’s a beast of a TV that will take away a large chunk of your wall and produce a cinematic experience for home viewing. It’s one of three Vu models that comes with TViST speakers, which is the company’s latest unique selling point. With TVs growing larger in size but sound not keeping up, the addition of dedicated speakers is expected to lure buyers.


The Vu TViST powered speakers are 1065x 62x 60mm in size and have an output power of 20W each. The speakers are equipped with Bluetooth, which enables you to connect them with mobile phones and tablets. The remote provided for the speakers can be used from a distance of up to six metres and at an angle of up to 30 degrees.

The TViST speakers are not to be sold separately; rather buyers of specific 60-inch, 65-inch and 85-inch models will receive the speaker bundled with the TV. Only specific models like 60S8575 (Rs. 92,000), 65XT780 (Rs. 1, 42,000) and 85XT900 (Rs. 9, 00,000) will be sold with the TViST speakers. The purpose behind this is to offer customers additional value and promote sales of Vu’s larger and more expensive TVs.


The Vu 60S8575 is a 60-inch full-HD LED TV with a 1920×1080 pixel resolution. It features an A+ panel with edge-lit LED backlighting and a slim bezel. There is both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, along with an Android Jelly Bean-based smart interface with its own Chrome-based browser. Inputs include four HDMI, three USB, one composite AV, one RF, and one VGA port, while outputs include optical and stereo audio (3.5mm).The TV is also Bluetooth-enabled but this is only to connect to the remote; the Bluetooth cannot be used to pair with external devices.

Apart from a fairly slim bezel, there’s nothing really striking about the TV. The stands are easy to attach and the TV does include a wall-mounting kit and can therefore safely be hung on a wall if you don’t have a big TV table. It isn’t a predominantly slim model either and the only visually likeable factor is the complete size of the screen.

Although this TV set has an Android-based user interface, there is no direct access to Google Play. You can still install applications through the browser directly if you choose to. There are only a handful of applications pre-installed; the most useful being the browser and the third-party YouTube client. Both of these will keep asking for security certificates every few seconds and can be painful to deal with.

There is an in-built media player that can identify content on a USB drive. This generally works well, and most formats run smoothly, including some 2560×1440 videos which are comfortably downscaled to full-HD resolution. The settings menu is a bit underdeveloped and there isn’t much you can pull in terms of picture and sound settings on the Vu TV. On the whole, the interface leaves a lot to be desired.

Vu has started venturing into the Indian market since 2006. The company deals in LED TVs, digital signage, video walls and touch screens. Vu has a wide range of TVs in various sizes and resolutions, which are sold through Vu stores all over India as well as e-commerce portals.

Picture courtesy- gizmotimes.com and allmobilesphone.com

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