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Endless runner games have been pretty popular for mobile gaming. Subway Surfers can be credited to starting this trend where you had a little kid running and jumping on top of the trains to collect coins and escape a fat cop. Temple Run, too, was equally popular, but the delay in launching an Android version of the game had users trying other games. The adrenaline and quick response required to play the game saw many such endless runners being developed by gaming companies all over the world, but none could quite match the hype and popularity of these two games. Finally, another sort-of endless runner game, Vector, got people hooked to this genre again.


Vector was not exactly an endless-runner game, but the concept was pretty similar. The whole game was just black and white and you were playing with shadows. There was a prisoner running loose to save himself from the nasty prison guards. What pleased fans the most were the physics of this game. Graphics were minimalistic but detailed. You had to slide below surfaces, jump at speed, perform special ninja moves to play next level and that was about it. The game became an instant hit with over 80 million downloads and the makers have now launched a sequel to capitalize on its popularity, called Vector 2.


The basic premise of the game remains the same. The parkour inspired gameplay has retained its basics, but made it more futuristic and upped its ante. The premise of the gameplay has changed and you have a hideous research complex with human test subjects and the protagonist has managed to escape that. You have to make sure that you don’t get too close to the guards or get cut by laser beam and disappear completely. Yes, that’s what happens when you are unable to dodge the laser beams on your way, you disappear into oblivion. The attention to detail is noteworthy and the makers expect fans to enjoy the new features they have added in the gameplay.

You now have laser protective jackets, plated boots, gloves and other such upgrades to help you clear each floor and reach the next one. The obstacles have developed and are movable now which reduces your speed when you get in contact with them and makes it all the more difficult to clear the level. You have futuristic land mines, jumping on which will again make you disappear. The challenges have increased considerably and that’s the fun part of the game. You have some in-game purchases which help you gear up better for the mission or clear the levels.


Overall, the game is as good as the first one, if not better. It’s been two years since the original Vector was released, and the sequel has mostly lived up to the expectations as the rating of 4.4 over 10 million download suggests. The game has simple controls of just sliding around the levels, but forces you to think quickly and wisely before each move. Do try the game and let us know how you find it in the comments section below.

Picture courtesy – play.mob.org

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