Amazon Prime vs Flipkart First: It’s a Close Fight Here

Amazon Prime has been finally launched in India, offering one-day and two-day deliveries at no extra cost. Amazon Video is also due in India shortly. Prime will be up for competition against Flipkart First. But how do these two services stack up against each other? Let’s find out!




Amazon Prime was introduced to customers with an exclusive 60-day free trial. If you are not happy with their service, you can discontinue it within the time period and Amazon won’t charge you anything.


Amazon Prime is priced at ₹999. But it’s now available at an introductory price of ₹499. That’s tempting enough for most customers.  Flipkart too charges ₹500 yearly for its service. Effectively, it’s the same for both the eCommerce giants. But, you may have to pay double, if Amazon scraps the introductory offer next year. The Flipkart price is expected to remain constant.


Both Flipkart First and Amazon Prime customers now enjoy free delivery for all their orders. You don’t need to pay a single paisa if your order value is less than ₹50.

Both the services offer single-day delivery free of cost. But, Amazon Prime will charge ₹50, and Flipkart First ₹70, if you want delivery of the items on the same day you ordered.


You can cancel your Amazon Prime subscription anytime if you are not satisfied with their service. Amazon claims, it won’t charge you anything, if you have not used Prime at all. But Flipkart will charge you for the number of months you used the service. The cancellation policy of Amazon Prime sound more customer-friendly than Flipkart First. However, these are just early days of competition and Flipkart may well change its cancellation policy to fight with Amazon.


Besides being an eCommerce delivery service, Amazon Prime is slated to offer Netflix-like premium content to subscribers. The company’s website says that besides films and original series, Amazon will also allow subscribers to watch Indian video content, including TV shows. But, the service is yet to be rolled out, and once it does, charges are expected to be higher than now. Amazon may launch the video service as a standalone service, exclusive of Prime. In comparison, Flipkart doesn’t have any video content plans, at least for the time being.


Amazon Prime has promised video content at ₹499, which is likely to find many takers, especially if you are one of those eager to watch exclusive shows. But, we don’t know when Amazon will begin charging the full price of ₹999.

Also, the Amazon Prime cancellation policy appears better than Flipkart on paper. Although, Amazon still doesn’t have exhaustive product pickup facilities even in metros.  Like some pockets in Kolkata are still unserviceable.  Sellers may not list for the Prime service. Flipkart, on its part, has better market penetration in terms of both pickup and delivery.

For customers who want prompt and free shipping, both services sound good. But, it will take some time to take a final call and declare a winner.

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by techtalks @TechTalks August 26, 2016 5:18 AM UTC


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