App Review: Star India’s Hotstar

Star India’s latest weapon to tackle the rapidly growing mobile internet segment looks dreamy on paper, but has a long way to go in becoming a darling of the internet. Hotstar which is available as a Free Download on Android and iOS, lets you watch TV shows, Sports and Movies, with quite a good collection spanning 7 languages – English, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil and Bengali and all this at absolutely no charge. Sounds like a dream come true? Well that’s right, except the come true part.



In terms of its content and idea’s inception, the app has definitely got something good going for it. A vast content selection with special focus on the ever beloved Indian soaps, and a pretty wide selection of sporting events like  ICC Cricket World Cup, English Premier League, ISL, Hockey India League etc., the app does provide a much needed variety to the run of the mill idea of movie streaming. Sadly, however, having thought and executing it in a manner that actually makes lives simpler, is easier said than done.

Here’s an objective look into what makes and breaks the application:


  • Absolutely Free of cost: Definitely a boon to the average mobile user whose video consumption is growing ever so rapidly.
  • Works on low bandwidth: This is a blessing in disguise to the nation’s 2G users who make up the majority of mobile internet users, even now. Most of the content on the app manages to buffer pretty well even on 2G.
  • Comfortable UI and design: Although the design and UI are not absolutely breathtaking, they are no disappointment either. The app manages to have the basics right, and have a pretty fool proof way of navigation.


  • Inconsistent Performance across Devices: This is the one bane of the app, and unfortunately the singular reason that makes you pull your hair out. With constant hangs and app crashes, there are quite a few bugs to be sorted. With video play also an issue at times, it is noteworthy that the performance issues are directly proportional to the level of your device. For low-end mobile devices (cost less than 10 thousand rupees) performance is going to be a big pain.
  • Painful Advertisements: That’s another pain point in the app. Star India basically treats the app as an extension of their television ad schedules. With 1 min non skip-able ads, at times two to three in a row, the ads are definitely a stumbling block.
  • Video play Interruption: Another annoying issue with the application. The moment you get a call or a message, the app goes back to the home screen, forcing you to search for the video again and start from beginning.

In all, we think that the app deserves a chance. If you have the time and patience to put up with the issues, have a pretty good device, and love consuming video content on your mobile, then you might get along just perfectly.

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by techtalks @TechTalks March 5, 2015 9:19 AM UTC


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