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No, Apple is not the first one to release a smartwatch but it is arguably the first to produce such amazing amount of interest about a gear. Recent statistics show that Apple watches account for almost 75.5% of the smartwatch market.

Smartwatches may one day become the prospect of phones but right now, they work as phone accessories. Released this year at the end of April, Apple has designed the watch to help us fidget less with our phones. It has its own functions and its own uses. It’s meant to be a small assistant to help you respond quickly without looking for your phone. It receives and sends messages and lets you read out texts, make speakerphone calls, ping people with animated emoticons, give love taps long-distance or send your heartbeat as a sort of long-distance hug. It records your steps, logs runs and checks your heart rate. You can use it to listen to music via wireless Bluetooth headphones. You can get notifications and run apps like a mini iPhone and make payments with Apple Pay. It does a total justice to the smartwatch concept.



Ranging from $349 (23213.74 in Indian Rupees) to an inflated $17,000 (1130755.00 in Indian Rupees), this lightweight wristwatch is definitely not meant for users with a budget.

Design wise it is undoubtedly attractive. It uses the plushest materials and it’s more circumspect and well-designed than the mass of its rivals. That’s the slightest we expect from Apple and from something that costs more than the other available possibilities, though.

The covering, which is made from stainless steel, has a gorgeous refined polish, while the ceramic glass protects the heart rate sensor on the back. The Watch is superbly built, although it accolades a neat shirt better than something more casual. Coming to the straps, there’s no shortage of strap options. Apple is presenting a range of leather, metal and more sport-friendly craggy straps with different types of buckles. It’s easy to take off and change them by locating and holding down the buttons on the back of the case to slide out the watch strap.

The thick body offers an array of components like 8GB of flash memory, the NFC radios ready for Apple Pay (US-only for now), sensors for tracking motion and Apple’s custom S1 processor followed by 512MB RAM and the whole chipset setup is apparently more powerful than the first generation iPad. The smartwatch meets the IPX7 water resistant certification, which means it’s apt for running in the rain and doing the dishes wearing it.

On the other hand, while it may be enjoying an early success there are quite a few nagging deficiencies in the Apple Watch which the possible buyers should be attentive of. These include ordinary issues like poor battery life and odd software malfunctioning.

With glowing apps like Messages, Mail and every iPhone notification to an always-on-hand gadget is surely an ease. The Apple Watch has a lot of guarantee, and a lot of unachieved prospective. It’s also pricey, and hence restricted to iPhone users. If you’re bearing one in mind, get an entry-level Sport or wait for the updates.

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