Apple Watch Tips You Should Know

Apple moved into the wearables space in 2015, and since then, has gone-on to forge new interface methods along with different ways of controlling the Apple device. The Apple Watch is equipped with a touchscreen, is very sensitive to two degrees of pressure, houses two hardware buttons along with voice control and a multitude of other apps to make the Watch totally drool worthy.

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These multiple input methods gives the device unknown potential and a spy-like feel. It may seem like you have explored every inch of your Apple watch but there a few things you might not know.

Here are seven tips that will make your Apple experience even better. They range from vital to well-known to obscure tips that will make your Watch more than just a watch.

Find your phone

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Are you always losing your phone? Then this feature is meant especially for you. The Find my iPhone/iPad is a blessing when you have managed to not just misplace it, but lose it. Even if you have left your phone lying around the house somewhere, this app will help you locate it without much fuss. The Apple Watch will ping your phone to locate it. Go to face mode- activate Glances, then go to settings glance and simply tap ‘Ping iPhone’ and keep an eye out.  Also, in the dark a light will flash along with the sound by long-pressing the same button.

Activate Siri

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Since the Apple Watch doesn’t have a keyboard, Siri becomes an integral part of activating the features of the Watch.  You can activate Siri, by saying ‘Hello Siri’ or you can just long-press the digital crown.

Discreetly check time

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Stuck in a meeting and wondering how long you have been staring at the presentation in front of you? The Apple Watch comes to your rescue. You discreetly check time by slowly rotating the Digital Crown upwards. For this to work you will need to activate the Wake screen. Go to General> Wake Screen.

Apple Watch as a remote viewfinder, camera remote

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Trying to take a group picture while being in it but can’t seem to get it right? The Apple Watch is at your service. You can use the Apple Watch as a viewfinder for your iPhone’s camera. Set your iPhone at a distance, find the perfect shot and then take a picture remotely.

Your phone needs to be within Bluetooth range (33 feet approx.) Camera (Apple Watch) > Press the Shutter Button and then take your picture.

Empty water out of the speaker

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The tiny raindrop symbol indicates the Watch is locked, in turn preventing the water from coming in contact with the speaker and touch screen. You can take your Watch for a swim, but make sure to dry it after every swim.  Swipe up on the Watch face > Control Center > tap the water drop icon. This will put the Watch in water mode and lock the screen.  Turn the Digital Crown to unlock the Watch and remove any excess water from the speaker.

So, the next time you use your Apple Watch make sure you try these tips.

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