Apps To Keep Parents Organized

As school starts and heads to full swing, there are all of the deadlines and demands to be figured out: scheduling playdates, organizing classroom volunteers for projects or letting friends and family know about upcoming school and after school events. Amidst this chaos, there are some great apps and services that help to make these aspects of your life a little bit more convenient. Here are some of our favourites to help organize and ease your back to school life.

LaLa Lunchbox

As parents we always dread packing school lunches, but with LaLa Lunchbox, a fun app for meal planning, you involve your kids and get ideas beyond the typical bread and butter and apple slices to break up the repetitiveness and help you plan. You can even set profiles for different kids, should one be sandwich lover and the other a paratha fan.



Are you always struggling with what to do with all those handouts and contact lists that come home in your kids’ school folders? Ringya is one way to keep them organized. It’s a clever app that digitizes all of your contacts automatically from a photo of the physical sheet of paper.


Remind 101

Have a difficult time trying to know what is the next class test your child needs to be prepared for? Remind 101 is a great app to recommend to your kids’ teachers for assisting better communication with students and their parents. Teachers can use the Remind 101 app to send class-wide reminders or notes, and parents can sign up to receive the same notifications. Note that this is a one-way message tool for teachers only, but it certainly eases the paper work for parents.


Cozi App

Cozi helps you manage your family life with a modest yet easy user interface offering a calendar, to-do lists, shopping lists, and meal planning. Cozi also includes a diary feature that allows you to capture and share the precious family moments. The calendar can be color-coded by family members and appointment reminders can be sent via text or email. Weekly programs can be emailed to each family member, emphasizing the week’s upcoming events and appointments. Rather than maintaining a simple grocery list, you can create store-specific shopping lists. Also you  do not have to worry about forgetting your list, as long as you have your phone — Cozi has an app for iPhone and Android smartphones, but information can be accessed by any phone since the information can be sent via text messages.

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Canvsly is an app that allows you to save your child’s artwork. We know how difficult it is to store all of it. With Canvsly, you take pictures of your child’s artwork and upload it into the app.What makes it unique from your camera app is: All of the child’s artwork will be together in one place and you can use the uploaded artwork to create gifts or other objects for the home. Plus you can divide the artwork by timeline or type.



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