Apps To Keep Your Brain Active

We are all desperately looking for ways to recuperate our brain function since everything is going digital and the shrinking of indoor and outdoor activities have taken a toll on our brains. Hence we need something in our daily lives to keep our minds relaxed and active alongside our busy work schedule. However, there are some apps which promise to improve brain function and we have assorted some of the best for you. Let’s take a look.

Elevate – Brain Training (iOS and Android)


This app offers training games to improve memory, focus, processing, math, meticulousness and comprehension. It simplifies the course of working on your brain and works more rapidly with a simpler interface to steer.

Lumosity (iOS and Android)


The game is planned by neuroscientists to coach concentration, memory and other aspects of how we work with our brain. Also you can tailor your needs by specifying which facet you want to highlight on and it works with your act to training exercises and counsel strategies.

NeuroNation (iOS and Android)


NeuroNation will efficiently improve your brain by creating a personal workout plan for your brain and monitors the change in your performance. It will strengthen your memory and improve and increase your attention.

Peak – Brain Training (iOS and Android)


The app is exceptionally addictive because of the quality of its game. There are some 21 games and all of them are intended to be challenging, fun and rewarding. The games help you perk up your language, memory and focus problem solving skills and mental suppleness. You can a keep record of your development through peak points and weekly graph.

Brain dots by Translimit (iOS and Android)


This game is totally obsessive and enjoyable. Do whatsoever it takes to make the 2 dots to meet and touch. You can draw different shapes and structures such as hills, ramps and bouncy lines; the options are endless. Run with your imagination with all the different solutions you can pencil in. Although the levels look easy you will soon comprehend that it is tougher than it seems. The game is intended for everyone; children and adults. It is a great diversion to keep your brain fit. With the sense of logic and ability to envisage, you can challenge yourself to think ahead.

Fit Brains Trainer (iOS and Android)


Fit Brains Trainer serves more than 360 games and training sessions designed to sharpen concentration, memory and other mental faculties. There’s a scoring system which will permit users to tally their performance in each mental skill comparative to other users of the same age or gender. The app uses this routine data to vigorously measure and regulate the difficulty of its games relative to your improvement.

Do try out these games to tease your grey matter and keep your brain active and don’t forget to mention your favourite brain game in the comment section.

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