Asus ZenWatch 2 Review


Even though there has been an influx of high-end smartwatches from Apple, Android, LG, Asus stands out due to the affordability factor and its good looks. The ZenWatch 2 is a step ahead of its predecessor and is making head turns.

The ZenWatch 2 has earned the tag of being the most affordable Android Wear in the market and in turn, giving Android users a chance to jump on to the smartwatch bandwagon. But does it have what it takes to create a permanent place amongst your gadgets?  Here is our take on it.

Design and Display:

The basic structure of the smartwatch is a little thicker than the average watch, but doesn’t appear bulky. Even though the framework is similar to its predecessor, there are certain additions added to the ZenWatch 2. It’s made mostly from stainless steel and is fitted with a plastic back plate and a microphone on the left to activate ‘OK Google’ voice commands. Also, for all the butter fingers and clumsy people out there, the watch has IP67 dust and water resistant coating to save the watch from all drops and falls. One of the biggest changes is the button of the right edge, which allows better interaction with the various features of the watch. Holding down this button for few seconds turns the power on and off; while just holding it down will wake the screen or put it in sleep mode. Further, a holding it down longer than few seconds will open up the menu. However, it is easier to swipe left to open up the menu.

Besides the new inclusions, the ZenWatch 2 also comes in two variants of 1.63 inches, with a 320×320 pixel screen and density of 278ppi; the 1.45 inch watch has a 280×280 pixel screen and a 273ppi density. Even though there is a different in display size, both watches have Amoled displays, which create a rich and bright screen.

Performance and hardware:

Under the hood, the ZenWatch 2 runs on a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 with a 512MB RAM. Also, it houses a 4GB storage unit for all music and other needs. In addition, it has a built-in microphone along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. It doesn’t sport a heart rate meter but has a pedometer to measure your activity level.

The larger version of the phone comes with a 400mAh battery whereas, the smaller variant sports a 300mAh battery. The extended battery life has made the more appealing. The earlier ZenWatch wouldn’t last even a day, after having a full charge. In this version, the dock or cradle has been done away with and a magnetic pogo pin connector, which makes the charging faster.


You may not be able to customize the software of the ZenWatch 2 as it has the Google Android software pre-installed, but you can customize the look of the watch. The watch comes in three colours namely, silver, gunmetal and rose gold along with 18 strap options such as, metal link bracelet or navy leather band.

All in all, the ZenWatch is affordable and stylish and is packed with some great features. Also, the strong battery life has the potential of lasting two days, when fully charged. So, give it shot, it might be just be the thing for you.

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