Auris Carmen Bluetooth Adaptor For Cars

Auris Carmen wirelessly integrates your smartphone with your car stereo system. Simply plug it into your vehicle’s AUX input for hands-free calls and playing audio. It is well-designed, easy to use, and has high class stereo music support assimilating the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, echo and noise cancellation, as well as high definition music aptX technology.


The main benefit of this small petite adaptor is that you can utilize it to make any speakers work wirelessly with your smartphone or even with your laptop as well. You can not only play music, but can also take calls using your car speakers once you connect this adaptor to your Bluetooth enabled phone.

Contents in the Box


All you receive in the box is the Auris BT adaptor, Audio cable, Audio extension cable, Car charger, MicroUSB to USB charging cable, and the magnetic dock with the stick back side.

Build Quality

The manufacture quality is quite good. It feels solid but is light. The design is rounded square, quite small and is nicely decked up with good quality of plastic and other materials. The form factor is also good which makes it quite convenient to carry it with you anywhere.


Performance, Sound and Battery Backup

The sound which gets transferred to the car speakers or to your home or office speakers is loud and lucid without any annoyance. In general the performance of the device in terms of sound and class is fine but the battery backup is quite regular. However, that won’t be a problem if you are using it in your car as you have an option of charging the device while using it.

Smaller than it looks in pictures, the matchbook-size Auris is attuned with all 30-pin speaker docks. It has been tested with Fluance and DLO iBoom Jukebox  and it fits just fine on both. There’s also a 3.5 mm line-out jack for using the Auris with other docks and devices, although you’ll barely require a powered 30-pin connector to charge its battery.


If you want to compare the product with Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver, which can also plug into any AUX-in jack, it does not need AC power. The Auris is however superlative to the 30-pin pack, but it’s adaptable enough to work elsewhere.

As an added bonus, the Auris comprises a microphone, hence permitting you to use your speaker dock as a speakerphone, given the condition that you sit sensibly close to it.

Price and Conclusion

Auris BT Adaptor for car is truly a fine device which you will get obsessed with, once you start using it in your car or home speakers. It will cost you around 4450 INR which isn’t cheap as you might get similar devices in market for a cheaper price but the quality of sound and the inbox accessories you get with this give good reason for the price. It works as promoted, and it’s in all probability cheaper than substituting the dock you already own – particularly if it’s a good one.

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