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Keeping kids entertained these days is really tough and educating while entertaining is even tougher. We do our best to keep them from watching too much television but nowadays they have access to tablets and smartphones. There are tons of app available in the market for Android, iPhone and tablet. Some are free and some are very expensive. Few will keep your kids engaged for very short time.

Let us have a look at few apps that are great for kids.

Animals for Kids Forest


Animals for Kids is an amusing informative game for all ages. In addition to watching beautiful cartoon animals your job is to clean the habitations from junk and see how amusing animals reward you.



Want to teach your kids to pronounce words and how to write them?  PocketPhonics is the app for you, it will use phonic pronunciation and this is a good app when there is no pencil or paper with you.

Buddha for Kids


A stimulating app that gives importance on history over religion. App maker Quelle Histoire creates apps that teach six- and seven-year-olds learn about the life of famous people, this app is about Buddha. Your children will likely enjoy this app plus they get to learn something as well. Through demonstrated pictures, the children will follow Buddha’s life right when he was a baby to when he got Enlightenment.

Wombi Treasures


Wombi Treasures is an elementary but entertaining and vividly rich treasure hunt game for kids, available on iPad, iPhone and Android apps. It engrosses young children in locations to find concealed artefacts, rewarding persistence, and keeping kids engrossed in their task. While the illustrations are gorgeous the gameplay is relatively simple but keeps children wanting to play it again and again.

Stack the Countries


A geography quiz about countries, flags, cities, landmarks blended with a game to try to stack scale country silhouettes on top of each other without it falling down.

Hoopa City


Hoopa City developer TribePlay creates games with fun and interactive informative morals, allowing the kids to role-play and use their minds. Hoopa City is a character game for primary school children. Children must join together elements to help build cities. Children must build roads, houses, and more. It also features ground-breaking new technicalities so kids can combine elements to unlock different building.

LEGO® App4+


A game of creativity and building skill, LEGO App4+ is meant at children from ages four to seven years. Construct your own truck, then use it to bring your cargo to its right location, and earn coins to get more LEGO parts. Entertaining, informative and rewarding that’s what all your child needs.

Oratio’s Flute Master


This inventive and informative flute game primarily uses the acoustic response of the recorder, by identifying the played notes via the tablet’s or smartphone’s microphone and uses the sounds as a control method. You will need a real recorder for this though.

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