Best Apps To Track Your Finances

Applications have almost become a part of daily life for virtually all smartphone users. They control things like our diet, calendar, match scores, contacts….. The list is endless. While there are a large number of redundant and unnecessary apps on your smartphone, there are some that one must have.

A popular type of application to download is one that controls your finances. This becomes especially important in today’s fast-paced day and age where multiple transactions are done in short intervals of time.

This popular app gives you all the tools you need to manage your earnings, spending, saving, and budgeting. It is available for free download on Apple and Android phones as well. It syncs up all of the user’s accounts, be it a bank account or a business related account etc. and provides information on the go.


Mint shows the user’s cash flow in real time, including deposits, expenses, credit card debts, and other investments. This format is great if one is especially into using your debit or credit cards for all purchases, but it also works with cash as long as you enter every purchase. It is a great way of keeping track of transactions and various cash flow balances.

In addition to adding up all your accounts, and outlining budget and savings goals, Mint analyzes the user’s spending habits, helping you pinpoint areas where you can potentially save.



This is a great application for users who are interested in making a budget based on their cash flow. The application encourages and allows users to allocate certain amounts of money which is to be spent on certain tasks over a certain period of time, thus increasing accountability and helping keep a check on spending.

This app is also optimal for people whose pay schedules vary (like freelancers). The “irregular” option on the application lets users track spending that isn’t routine and also suggests ways to spend irregular sources of income in the most optimal manner.


This application was created and launched for two purposes, to make sure one completely understand their spending habits, and to protect the user’s cards from fraud and unauthorized transactions. The application swiftly syncs the user’s bank account and brings up a balance of spending and inflow of cash.


The application helps users to confirm transactions and identify fraudulent ones by asking them to visibly check which ones they did. Should any malfunction arise, the app quickly assists the users in freezing bank accounts and contacting local authorities and bank officials for security purposes.



This application (available as an app and on the web too) is great for users who want to document their receipts and avoid collection of paper copies. It allows one to enter the merchant name, total amount spent, and date for each expense as well. Expensify offers both micro and macro pictures of your financial life. Later, you can export your expense reports or send invoices straight from the app or the web version.

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