Best Audio Enhancer Apps On Android

Since the time Smartphone have been launched in the market, everything is available on it.

Even to listen to music, smartphones are the best option. Due to this the typical media players have taken a back seat. But at time the manufacturers do not pay attention to the delivery of the sound. To meet this issue there are various apps available to deliver best sound quality.

Let us have a look at few audio enhancer apps.

PlayerPro Music Player


If you like to organise stuff, PlayerPro guarantees to so as your music player for Android. A user interface displays artists, albums and even genres with big thumbnail images. You can physically choose what you want to use for the thumbnails from your own image gallery and the app can automatically select missing album art from the internet. PlayerPro even suggets reviews on artists and albums, as well as lyrics.



This glossy music player app is loaded with features that can be personalized. It scrutinises your phone for music quickly, and allows you to organize by folder or as a complete library. Albums are arranged in a tile to give you a better view of the album art and the app updates if any album has missing art.

Equalizer and Bass Booster Pro


Equalizer and Bass Booster Pro app enriches the sound quality of your android device with the first true global equalizer, bass booster and virtualizer. It improves the sound quality you would love. There are various selections to improve the quality of the sound and it supports a simple user interface where any person can play with the sound controls with ease.

JBL Music


The app JBL Music knows the speakers’ best as it can tune the audio files as per the speakers and deliver quality sound. The app also allows easy access to the JBL speakers through Bluetooth. It permits the user to fine-tune sound performance to meet your taste by modifying audio equalization and permitting improvement of compressed audio.

Music Volume EQ


This equalizer has an unpretentious interface and it does not consume too much memory. It is installed as a widget and not as an app, so you can access it on your home screen. Music Volume EQ is loaded with a 5-band equalizer, virtualizer and bass booster. It also has a VU meter that displays current volume levels, just like the regular system and a slider control for regulating volume.

jetAudio Music Player+EQ


It is a music player which sports up to 32 equalizer pre-sets. It’s furnished with Wide, Reverb, X-Bass sound effects and an automatic gain control that checks variations between tracks. As a music player, the app can play almost any type of formats like MP3, WAV, MOD, FLAC, WV and many more. This means a wider choice of audio files which you can explore and adjust using the app’s built-in equalizer.

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