Best Bluetooth Headsets For Any Budget

If you want to keep your hands free or attend a call while you are doing something like cooking, trashing, cleaning, driving (not a safe option though), basically multitasking, Bluetooth is that friend who will sort things out. Here are some of the recommended Bluetooth headsets which will be well within your budget. Check it out!
BlueAnt V1x In-the-ear Wireless Headset.

BlueAnt V1x In-the-ear Wireless Headset



With native DSP, Voice Isolation technology for offering flawless sound quality, this can be a very good option for your multi-tasking life. It has improved echo destroying concept along with BlueGenie voice user interface. You can update its firmware as well. The product can be bought for just Rs. 2000.

Plantronics Voyager Pro HD In-the-ear Wireless Headset



This Bluetooth headset comes with anHD audio streaming and motivates one to answer the call by simply putting it on. Motorized by the multi-point technology, this device comes with LED battery level indicator. It is quite within your budget as well at just Rs. 2,700. If you are looking for a stylish device, then this should be your option.

Jabra Halo 2 Over-the-ear Wireless Headset



Jabra products, particularly Bluetooth headsets, have been quite pleasing always. Jabra Halo 2 over-the-ear wireless headset lives up to the expectation too. This wireless headset comes with dual microphone and status display. It has the multi call functionality.

Samsung BHM1100NBEGINU In-the-ear Wireless Headset without Charger



If you are looking for a cheap yet stylish and classy Bluetooth headset with high-end specs, then this should be your option. With a price tag of Rs. 900, this headset has echo and noise cut facilities. It offers best experience through unprompted connectivity. There is micro-USB, Bluetooth 2.1, and EDR that make the device perform better.

Sony Ericsson MW-1 Headset Pro



Sony is known to offer best quality products including Bluetooth headsets. With a great design, the device has Bluetooth wireless connectivity and native microphone. There is 3.5 mm headphone jack accessible with it as well and the complete package can be bagged at a cost of about Rs, 5,990 and it’s worth a try.

Motorola Elite Silver



The Motorola Elite Silver supports NFC (Near Field Connection) pairing technology and is designed to connect NFC enabled devices. The device comes with HD audio plus and crystal talk dual mic technology which will give clarity and rich sound experience. The device also responds to My MotoSpeak app for Android devices and can help you send text message, hands free. It also provides text to speech option. This device is available for Rs. 4900.

A major factor in a headset’s success depends on how it fits and feels—and that ranges widely from person to person, or even from ear to ear. Other important constituents include sound quality, design, style, battery life and extra features. Also, figure out if a Bluetooth headset is really something you’ll use. If talking on the phone is a multiple-times-per-day task, a headset is likely a good buy; if not, then it might be an unnecessary luxury.

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