Best Bluetooth Speakers

Smartphones and tablets are awesome. Smartphone and tablet speakers, however, are depressing. You just cannot get very good sound quality out of a small, flat object designed to fit in your pocket. Luckily, you do not have to count on on your smartphone or tablet to put out sound when you are on the move. Portable Bluetooth speakers are the best way to face the mad traffic jams, wirelessly when you cannot carry around your entire sound system, which is pretty much all the time.

Thanks to incorporated Bluetooth, these speakers are compatible with Android, iOS, and, well, any Bluetooth-enabled device, including most laptops and some desktops. Also, they do not require a Wi-Fi network, making them much more flexible.

Let’s have a look at some of the best Bluetooth speakers.

Sharp HT-SB602


 The Sharp HT-SB602 is an outstanding sound-bar for big-screen HDTVs, and an earnest follow-up to the SB60. The add-on of Bluetooth and a strong set of midrange drivers make it a compact sound system to play your music as well as handle the audio for your movies and shows. The slim subwoofer is easy to stick anywhere, and this does not particularly reduce the system’s overall audio quality.

Zvox SoundBase 570


The Zvox SoundBase 570 is bigger, larger, and costlier than most sound system of its kind, but that added immensity and higher premium add up to a much better sound than most players in this price range. That extra inch or two of height really gives the SoundBase 570 sufficient room to produce an enormous sound, and it’s not laid back in high-end crispness. If you just want a big sound out of your home theatre without actually setting up a full home theatre, the Zvox SoundBase 570 is an outstanding pick.

Razer Leviathan


The Razer Leviathan packs a lot of power into a diminutive, relatively low-cost sound-bar, thanks to its wired subwoofer. It makes games sound big and thrilling, but it does not offer the refinement needed to bring out the quality in movies. Built-in Bluetooth is a great feature, and the sound-bar works surprisingly well as a music system.

Polk N1 Surroundbar


 A sound-bar made unambiguously for gaming can possibly be gimmicky and overpriced, but the Polk N1 Surround-bar luckily evades that by simply being a very good sound-bar. Even if you are not a gamer, its humble price, attention-grabbing design, Bluetooth support, and potent sound make it a good choice to enrich your home theatre’s sound, especially if you want to break free of the drab black rectangles of most sound-bars.

Sony HT-CT770 330W 2.1 Sound Bar w/Wireless Subwoofer


The sound-bar half of the Sony HT-CT770 is striking and full of connectivity options, but its performance is not as remarkable, thanks to almost no power in the low-mids and lower end. If you want a compressed, easy-to-use, inexpensive sound system that can shake the walls when things on your HDTV explode, the Sony HT-CT770 is an excellent, affordable choice.

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