Best Camera Phones For Vacationers

So you have all your holiday plans in place, but confused about whether to invest in a camera or not right? Need not worry smartphones are substituting cameras much faster than we anticipated. The quality of hardware and optics has developed rapidly over the years, with phone manufacturers adding improved image-processing processes and characteristics. Whatever the nature of competition or the development of technology, this is, simply put, good news for you.

We have picked up camera phones that will make the perfect holiday partner in crime.

Sony Xperia Z3



Sony’sXperia devices are made to face all-weather challenges – the Z3 is now the fourth generation Sony device that faces dust and water with equal aloofness. The Z3 and the smaller Z3 Compact are just what you need for that snorkeling trip Thailand or your Mauritius getaway. The Z3 features the highest ISO for a mobile phone, you can shoot awesome pics in low light.

HTC Desire Eye



This phone does not differentiate between the rear and front cameras—both are 13-megapixelcameras. By the way, HTC seems to have given up on its UltraPixel camera technology. But quite a few camera perks have been added, take a selfie and add it to an image taken with the rear camera, or take photographs at the same time with the front and rear cameras and merge them. The quality of photographs and videos is good, though colour may be a bitunpredictable in low-light shots. But this camera gets the job done, particularly if you love selfies.

iPhone 6 Plus



It might struggle to hold an iPhone but the largest iPhone also claims of the best camera on an Apple device. With Optical Image stabilization, you do not have to be apprehensive about clicking fuzzy images of your wife at that striking beach resort. Apple’s tone mapping enhancement produces best daylight pictures while the 8MP camera with large 1.5 micron pixels turns up stellar lowlight results.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4



Optics in Samsung’s Galaxy collection have been doing wellsteadily. The Note 4 is the biggest phone in terms of screen size. And the 16 MP camera takes brilliant photographs, be it in good light or at night. Every photograph is well detailed, the colours are brilliant without being domineering, and the image can be zoomed in on quite a bit before alteration starts to creep in. The best camera in an Android smartphone so far.

Lumia 830



It was the Lumia 1020 that truly raised the expectations for mobile shooters with its unbelievable 41MP camera. The Lumia 830 takes over the hierarchy from the 1020 with a seemingly more diffident 10MP camera boosted with Carl Zeiss optics. There’s also Nokia Refocus that allows you to reframe images and adjust the focus once you are back home from your vacation.

BlackBerry Passport



For the first time, a BlackBerry phone with a proficient camera. The camera app itself is simple to use. The image quality in low and good light is on an equivalence with the best Android smartphones in the market. While the phone is meant for professionals, this might just give them an opportunity to upload a photograph of their business lunch on social networking website.

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They should come out with upgrades for the specific phones and not for the separate Operating System. This way a special version for your phones specific hardware can be made

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