Best Gadgets With Wood Finish

In spite of the fact that metal gadgets are often considered heavy, they still exist due to high quality and durability factors. But when it comes to gadgets made of wood, users get an opportunity to stay in touch with nature in a creative manner. Traditionally, wood gives an elegant look to objects making it light-weighted. Combining nature with technology is indeed the latest trend adopted by gadget manufacturers across the globe.

To mark the beginning of creativity in technology, we present a list of gadgets with wood finish that stands out of the box.

OnePlus 2


With impressive technical specifications and performance, the latest OnePlus 2 smartphone has already managed to gain popularity in the market. It also comes with wooden rear covers options, adding extra beauty to the phone. OnePlus 2 offers the wooden appearance with a smooth and classy finishing. Covers are available in different shades as per the choice of users. In an affordable price range, the bright and classic display proves to be the best feature that makes the smartphone look attractive.

Thinksound On1


Thinksound’s On1 headphones offer a natural and unique musical experience with a pair of artistic wooden cups. It does not include in the list of cheap headphones, but the incredibly build quality is worth the price. The product is designed in pure wooden material with the touch of perfection.

Withings home security camera


The Withings home security camera, when placed in the corner of a room, appears very similar to a hidden camera. The classic wooden body blends in with any furniture and acts as an efficient indoor surveillance device. The product comes with an app which helps users to view real-time surveillance with sound support on any smartphone. It also features the monitoring function that checks the air quality of the room. The camera can also be used with Apple’s Homekit system.

Bambooti MacBook covers


Bambooti’s wooden back covers effectively transforms a MacBook into a work of fine art. Using a wide range of textures such as Walnut, Mahogany, Cherry, Black Ash and Bamboo, the covers are handmade. They come with the customized logos and designs for users. Being light in weight, the thickness of Bambooti’s covers resembles to a credit card and fits perfectly on all versions of MacBook.

Dodocase charging stand


Handcrafted in San Francisco, Dodocase charging stand offers a compact, classy and smart solution for Apple’s smart watch. Made up of Californian American Walnut, the device also yields a stable steel base ensuring additional support. The hidden wire routing of the stand proves to be an innovative feature facilitating users to wrap the device in a single package.

Oree board 2 and touch slab


Oree, a French company designs graceful computing devices made of wood. With Bluetooth connectivity, the product delivers a wireless and creative solution for the users. Oree’s Board 2 wireless keyboard and Touch Slab is compatible with Windows or OS X operating systems and houses rechargeable batteries. The Touch Slab appears like Apple’s regular track pad as numbers can be engraved on the buttons.

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