Best Music Apps

Whether welisten to music or mix it, our smartphones are now our portable music players. Whether, you want to listen to music on the go or turn your device into a dynamic FM Radio, there is no dearth of music apps to satiate you.

Here are our picks of the best music apps for your smartphone.

Spotify (Free; Multiple Platforms)   


Spotify has a user-friendly interface making it easy to use and the 20 million-song bank only adds to its popularity. The app now allows you to shuffle any artist or album for free and the new browser makes it simpler to find and make yourself the perfect playlist. The premium version is chargeable, but allows for unlimited offline listening on your phone and ad free streaming.

ITunes Radio (Free, iOS)



Apple’s ITunes Radio has more than 25 million songs and the featured stations are a good source of finding new music. It is more than just a radio station that plays your favourite song, artist or genre, you can also find new music that you can add to your existing playlist.

Shazam (Free; Multiple platforms)


Heard a song on the radio but don’t know what it’s called or who the artist is? Shazam is the go to app. Whether it’s a song or a television show, Shazam identifies it in matter of seconds. From there, you can listen to the song on YouTube or listen to a 30-seconds preview on Radio or ITunes.  Newly added Auto Shazam recognises songs or TV even if the phone is locked.  In addition, it also allows you to share Shazam tags (your discovered song) via WhatsApp, Pinterest and IMessages on the IPhone.

Slacker Radio (Free; Multiple platforms)


Slacker Radio brings you hundreds of radio station choices for free. You can skip up to six songs per hour or create your own playlists from the millions of songs available, but the free versions come with ads. However, for a fee, you get no ads, unlimited skips and can play songs and albums on demand.

TuneIn Radio (Free; Multiple Platforms)


Tunein Radio gives you access to more than 100,000 live radio stations from around the world.  The app has many local stations up for offer as well as on demand streams including sports, news, talk shows, music and current affairs.

  iHeartRadio(Free; Multiple Platforms)


If you are radio fanatic who wants constant access to stations made just for you, IHeartRadio is the app for you. The app allows you to stream local pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B and country stations, along with the giving you the freedom to create your own stations by accessing the app’s vast music library of more than 18 million songs.  The app also helps you find stations to accompany you during various activities such as working, driving or gymming.

SoundCloud(Free; iOS, Android)


The app helps you find new artists that you never knew existed.  The SoundCloud community is filled with new and upcoming artists that jointly upload several hours of new music. Listeners can share new music as well as record and share their own music via the app.

Listener ( iOS)




The app relies purely on gesture based commands which means all you have to do is swipe and tap to control your phone. This app is better for playing music then finding new tunes.

So here are our picks of the music apps around, no matter what you need, there is an app designed for it. Go ahead and pick the best one for you.

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