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The Best Free Apps To Take Selfies

We are living in the digital age and a picture is worth a thousand words. No wonder we are addicted to getting the perfect selfie. But the perfect selfie is still vague. With online dating and social networking being in demand, creating an impressive first impression is required. So the moral of the story is – it’s about time you perfect your selfie. In the app market you will find numerous applications to help you take better selfies which have added features and options to edit and customize them for sharing. We have shortlisted 6 apps for a perfect selfie.

Selfie Cam


We know how awkward it is when you are fumbling with one hand, trying to press the camera button. Then when you take the pic, you have that weird and funny stare because you are focusing on the camera!! No more! Selfie Cam has a rotary-dial control that only needs one thumb to function, and a self-timer that gives you plenty of time to get into the perfect position. Free on iPhone and Android.

Perfect 365


This app has features that covers all the basics: smoothing skin, zapping flaws, removing under-eye circles, whitening teeth and so much more. The key is in the intensity — use the sliding scale to keep yourself from looking too Photoshopped. Available on iPhone and Android.

YouCam Perfect


YouCam is a great app with features like snapshots and video selfies. It has Perfect Auto Beautifier that instantly touches up your picture — from lightening dark spots to smoothing lines. The best part: You can erase background objects. Free on iPhone and Android.



An awesome app as it lets you take “hands-free” pictures of yourself. All you need to do is prop your phone against a surface 2 to 16 feet away, then pose, raise your hand and close your fist to activate the camera. It functions on hand motion sensors, so no more awkward images of yours. Available on iPhone.

Selfie Photo Effects & Editor


This easy-to-use selfie app,  has a reasonable variety of filters, including retro effects and stickers. You can also perform basic editing of photos like cropping, rotating and flipping. It also allows you to draw and add text on your selfies. All in all, this is a good app with several useful photo editing features.



This app reminds you to take a picture every day and is like a selfie journal or diary. It shows you the effects of everyday life. The app allows you to create multiple galleries of pictures, each with their own reminders. So you could have a gallery of pictures taken every thirty minutes in a single day, and another gallery of one picture a month, if you want. Browsing through the pictures is simple, and the effect is quite powerful.

Silent Selfie Camera


Alot of Android camera apps have shutter sounds which cannot be switched off, however, the Silent Selfie Camera solves that problem by letting you take silent selfies. You can also correct the ‘front camera mirror effect’ using this app and take snaps using a timer or the volume keys. There are some good features on this app and is definitely worth a download.

With these awesome apps you will no longer have a mediocre selfie. Everybody wants a cool, free, or a cheap photo editing app offering a spontaneous interface along with variety of useful tools for producing rich effects. Make use of the above-mentioned apps for a perfect selfie to share with your loved ones.


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