Best Phones For Senior Citizens In India

Are you tired of giving those same mobile phone operating lessons to your parents or grandparents? If yes, you cannot really blame them. You are lucky enough to use something which is not alien to your generation as you have grown up with it. Contrarily, it’s quite a challenge for an elderly person to get into the habit of using mobile phones and accept it as a mode of necessity.

However, mobile industries haven’t ignored this generation gap and hence there are varied options to get them going. Here are some of the best senior citizen friendly phones that are available in India.

Philips Xenium X2566

1020201472101PM_635_philips_xenium_x2566This feature phone intends to make technology handy for the elderly. It has features like SOS (emergency calls), large font size and long lasting battery life. The SOS feature will help the user set up to three emergency or SOS numbers. By simply pressing the button which is located under the flash light, an user can dial out the pre-set SOS numbers. Also bundled with a dual SIM slot, an inbuilt storage of 16 GB, and include GPRS/EDGE are mini-USB and Bluetooth v2.1. It is priced at Rs.3,800.

 Magicon Senior Duo

This is another feature phone with a big physical keypad and looks like a calculator. If you want a very basic phone with least features, this phone will serve your purpose. It comes with dual SIM slots, SOS button, torch light, magnifying glass and a 1000 mAh Li-ion Battery capacity. It comes for Rs.1,599.

Mitashi Play Senior Friend AP 103



With a price tag of Rs.3,690, it is supposed to be the first smartphone planned for senior citizens available in India. This Android smartphone gives a large font dialler, large font option for storing contacts and reading messages, SOS button for emergencies and colour-coded icons to help users differentiate between the icons with the help of colours. The phone has a dual-core processor and a 4-inch display.

iBall Aasaan 2



This smartphone is quite senior citizen friendly. It has a big physical alphanumeric keypad. So the font size of the numbers is big. It also features a wireless FM radio and SOS button for emergency. It is available for Rs. 2699.

 Reconnect 1802



Reliance Digital too has designed mobiles intended for senior citizens. This candy bar phone has a keypad almost double the size of its display. The alphanumeric keypad has large buttons with big labels. No doubt the user can use it with ease. This is currently priced at Rs. 2699.

Senior citizens have always been inconvenienced by the standard phones available due to their small font sizes, complex user interfaces, short battery life and fragility. The requirements of the elderly in mobile phone usage have largely been ignored but the above list of has been designed keeping them in mind. Hence, they need not struggle anymore to keep pace with the current generation.

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