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Leaving aside the technical details, podcasts basically are digital files – either audio or video – transmitted as episodic series. Podcasts, although similar to broadcast programmes, are not time bound, giving their audience the freedom to listen/view them whenever they please. Also, the audience gets to choose what they want to listen to or watch, unlike radio programmes where they either have to consume whatever is being broadcast or tune out of it. With podcasts covering everything from food, music playlists to agony aunt sessions, they sure are gaining popularity. Here’s a list of some Podcasting Apps for your Android phone, for you to download and enjoy!



Recently redesigned, BeyondPod is one good-looking app that gives users the access to browse through an unending library of podcasts, from around the world. It also lets you import from other websites onto the app. BeyondPod is built to give its users the power and control to choose which ones to download on your device, over which internet connection and also choose how many days you want your device to keep the old ones. Another added feature the app contains is a ‘Smart Playlist’ which curates an automatic playlist only for you, depending on your preferences.




Doggcatcher was one of the first few podcast apps, created back in the day when there weren’t many options to rely on. Even now, with the revamped user interface, it still makes a good choice. Doggcatcher manages podcasts really well, through its newly developed long list of features which include auto download and delete, variable speed playback, feed categorization and many more. Also, it supports Chromecast, a feature that makes this app more attractive.



This app, although known to be quite popular as an internet radio service, is also good for podcast services. It lets you browse and add the podcasts of your choice to the device, while letting you ‘stitch’ them with the radio stations to listen in the order you wish! What’s more is that you get to be in touch with the latest news through news programs other than normal weekly podcasts. Although the user interface of this app is very basic, the app is fully functional and comes with long list of features, making it a good option to consider.

Pocket Casts


Pocket Casts is a favourite among most podcast listeners, because the app has everything one could ask for – it is stylish, has a huge podcast library, supports video files and Chromecast support which everybody hopes for these days. Also, it has a cloud sync where you can store and play your favourites! You’ll find the latest shows across genres, while surfing the featured or trending section on the app. Pocket Casts also comes with a widget as well as a notification try with full controls, filters, playback speed control, sleep timer, auto download and lots more making it the most full-featured podcast app on the app store.

Which one of these do you find the most convenient? Or, have you used a podcast app other than these that you’ve loved? Let us know in the comments section below!

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