Best Smart Gadgets For Your Home

Want to make your home look smarter? While still at an embryonic stage, the number of smart home product is rapidly growing. Here are some of the smart home gadgets, which you can try out to make your home act whip-smart.

Philips Care Glow and Philips Living Colours


Finding the light switches are not really convenient in the dark right? Well Care glow with its advanced lighting system will help you to find your way with ease. It can detect motion in the surroundings and will automatically illuminate a path with a soft white light and turn off the lights when no motion is detected in the next five minutes. It provides convenience, comfort and safety.

SkylinkNet alarm system


The alarm system is one of numerous options in the marker asserting to be a ‘smarter’ home security system. It has motion sensors for your doors and windows and will alert you when there is a trigger through an accompanying application. It is easy to set up and connect to your smartphone, and also comes with a keychain hob which permits users to easily alarm and disarm a system.

Wowwee Rovio


Now you can be present virtually at two locations at the same time. This robot is armed with a webcam that moves around the house and watches over people and things. The microphone and speaker will let you communicate with people through a Net device. With a click on your browser you can let it move towards its base charging station to recharge its batteries for the next round of walk.

Nest smart thermostat


This is a smart home device developed by Nest  and lately acquired by Google. It can reduce your energy bills by up to 20 percent through a system which learns your schedule and preferences. You can control it via smartphone and also set it to maintain a particular temperature in your house while you are away.

Logitech Universal Harmony One


This universal remote lets you get rid of the multiple remotes at your home and provides a one-point access to your entertainment consoles. It can connect virtually and incorporate up to 15 disparate audio, video and gaming devices.

My SpotCam


This camera comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and a motion sensor. If any motion is detected the camera will send live feed to the owner’s Smartphone. It is easy to setup and helps the user to take care of his property irrespective of where he is.



This device extends the functionality of your ordinary doorbell. Once attached, the SkyBell connects with your smartphone with an associated app and sends you alerts when the doorbell is pressed and helps you to hear, see and speak to visitors before reaching your door. However, it makes sense only when you are away.

Zicom FPL 400


It is a keyless door lock which will ensure all your valuables are safely locked within the walls of your home. Power-driven by four alkaline 1.5 V batteries, the multi-factor identification support of the lock adds the much needed layer of security. You can either set its fingerprint as the key, or define a password.

So how smart is your house? Share it via comments.

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