Best Transport Apps In Asia

Visiting a strange city is not fun especially when you are clueless where to go and you have to depend on the locals. But those things happened in the past. With the latest smartphones it has become far easier, accessible and convenient.

So whether you require to rent a car, cycle or bike, smartphones answers to everything. Public transport has transformed after the advancements in technology.

Let us have a look at mobile apps that are changing the transport system.  These real-time transit information apps offer convenience plus also save time and money.



Hiring a cab has never been so fast and easy, but Uber changed everything. This app is a great as a success and has grown its network to major cities all over the globe. It is available for free and you can hire a cab easily. Once you do the booking, you can an approximate fare to your destination, then track down your driver and confirm with them about picking you up.



It has expanded in the major Indian cities where the company has become as one of the favoured medium to commute. The firm has some assertive growth plans and is targeting on making it big in other cities in India along growing internationally. Ola owns around 10,000 vehicles. The taxi and auto hiring app uses real time navigation to take book users. This Indian-based firm understands the local users which have immensely contributed to its growth.



Grab Taxi presently functions in Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Bangkok, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh. The achievement of this company can be well credited to the Malaysian start up MyTeksi. The app is accessible on various platforms and operating systems. The automated location based taxi booking app is giving tough competition to the South East Asian taxi industry.



Based in Sri Lanka, this venture was started by Vesess Inc provides one stop solution for the taxi booking process. This app also offers customization to taxi firms that use the app. The app also tracks down drivers along with changes in the bookings made in the first place. The app also displays the info of the no of vehicles on the screen. Right now this app is available in Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia and Australia.

Global Taxi Dispatch


Based on cloud based software, taxi companies get bookings instantly and keep a track on their taxis, drivers and offer dedicated platform manager. The app can be modified for start-ups, SMEs and large scale companies. The software is enabled for two ways communication texting where GPRS can be used by any one of the devices.



TaxiForSure is a car rental app where users can avail for cab service from their taxi operators. The bookings are made on the app and pick up and drops are located using GPRS. The company was recently taken over by Ola Cabs to race ahead of Uber in the taxi industry. The deal is the biggest acquisition that has taken place in the taxi industry. However, the TaxiForSure operates independently exclusive of Ola.

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They should come out with upgrades for the specific phones and not for the separate Operating System. This way a special version for your phones specific hardware can be made

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