Best Voice Controlled Gadgets

Nowadays gadgets are so innovative that it does everything that was unbelievable in the past; the association to the cloud service as well as internet makes it much cooler. The devices are connected to one of them and can be operated through your Smartphone or a remote. But as you know technology keeps evolving every day, and hence the control of the so called ‘smart gadgets’ lies with you.

Yes, by you we mean your voice through which you communicate. Now it can now be used to control the technology around you. Here is a list of the gadgets that are voice controlled.






Your single point of contact to interact will all your devices, Homey glowing orb is the medium. A digital voice assistant that controls all the devices in your home  to make your experience better, be it regulating the thermostat in your home, to switching off the lights also in the morning emails will be read to you. Plus when no one is home, the Homey switches off all the lights and devices to save energy and it makes sure your front door is locked and secured.

Skully Smart Helmet



With all most all devices going smart, why should helmets be left behind!  Skully Smart Helmet intends at making bike riding safer, the helmet is equipped with Heads up display (HUD), 180-deg rear view camera, GPS navigation and Bluetooth connectivity and all of this is voice controlled. Through Skully you can know the position of your fellow bike racers from the rear view camera, it can help you to attend calls and be a travel guide to help you with the directions.

Sony Smartwatch 3



The market is flooded with smartwatches on daily basis, but unlike the rest of them Sony’s Smartwatch is voice controlled. You can send or check messages, know the weather updates, latest events and know the time after all it’s a watch. You can do all of this using your voice.




Ivee is not your ordinary timepiece it’s much more than that. This voice controlled device can tune in the radio, give you weather updates, adjust the thermostat settings and keep you updated about the latest happenings. You can ask it to snooze rather than going through the tiresome ritual of setting it off physically. Ivee is a sensational product as it is connected to the internet, so it gets auto updated.

Moto Hint



Smartphones are now an eternal part of our lifestyle, in fact most of times there are used to control lots of devices and give us a better experience. But there is a gadget that controls the smartphone, that too with voice. The phone can be in your pocket or bag, the control is with Moto Hint, a voice stimulated ear bud from Motorola managing the phone’s control through words.

Vocca Light



Do you have the habit of reading late in the night? Post that you are too lazy to switch off the lights, then here is an ideal gadget for you to get rid of getting up. Vocca Light, this gadget attached to the bulb socket switches the lights off through voice commands.

We hope these voice friendly gadgets give you a better lifestyle and experience.

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