Best Writing Apps For Android

Smartphones have slowly begun the process of replacing everything to do with our lives, and the art of writing has not been left behind. Apps have made the practice much more convenient nowadays and have allowed budding writes to take advantage of this, adding to their convenience.



This is an app that narrows in on helping you keep a journal and log of what you’re doing each day. It offers tons of features that you can’t get from a pen and paper, and the interface and design is good enough that it fits in perfectly with Google’s own crop of apps and services. The app gives you a blank slate to write in, plus support for full markdown and formatting, and syncs everything through Google Drive. If you use multiple devices, like a phone, tablet, and laptop, it’s great for keeping things tied together.



This application takes a slightly different approach as compared to Journey and tries to focus more on the actual writing, and less on the concept of keeping a journal and tracking things. The app is actually made by the same developers as Journey, so there are similarities and a small amount of overlap between the two, but each one excels at different things, depending on the kind of writing you do.

The app extends the concept of a distraction-free writing mode and offers a completely de-cluttered way to write. You’ll still get access to an extended keyboard, complete with keyboard shortcuts, markdown support, and tons of formatting options. JotterPad has an export option for just about everything, including being able to save files to Dropbox and to export them as plain text files, PDF files, the option to markdown to HTML, plus other formats. In-app purchases unlock a handful of other cool features, including some visual-only effects like typewriter scrolling, but other useful tricks like a thesaurus and document backups.

Day Journal


Day Journal is an app that offers a solid alternative to Journey, especially if you’re looking for something a little with barer bones. The app offers a slick, easy way to track multiple journal entries, plus photos and other information. The interface is fantastic and plays nicely with Google’s newer Material Design standards, so if you’re a stickler for how your apps look, this app will fit in perfectly.

The app is set up to remind you every so often to jot down what’s going on, and it keeps up with your location and the local weather in the background.



This is one of the most popular applications when it comes to writing. The app really shines as a productivity tool, since the interface stores your notes in different folders and sub-folders. This might not be useful for the casual writer, but if you’re managing large projects, the extra level of organization is a great tool.

When it comes down to writing, Draft offers the same level of text editing markdown that you’d expect from similar apps. There’s a full toolbar with several shortcuts, plus an optional full-screen mode to compete with other apps’ distraction-free writing modes.

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