Biggest Myths About Smartphones Demystified


Smartphones have only been around for less than a decade, but certain figments have built up over time. Some of these figments have been around for years and just refuse to go. These myths include software to hardware. Yes, every type of technology has its myths — from PCs to Windows modification to smartphones.

Let us have a look at few of these myths and demystify them

You should completely drain your battery before charging it

Yes, most of the people hesitate to charge their phone even when the charge says 20%. But, with the modern batteries in smartphone, it is not required to drain the battery completely before charging it. Just go ahead and top off the battery whenever you feel like or plug it in all night. You can charge your phone whenever you like and as much as you want.

Using a task killer will speed up your Phone

Use of a task killer automatically removes apps from RAM when you do not use them and it can speed up your phone. As a matter of fact, these apps are stored in RAM so you can get back to them faster.

You need not use a task killer, as there is no need to physically remove apps from the list of recent apps on your. Your phone will run slow if your app is throwing tantrums. The best thing is to clear the data on the app and uninstall it.

Bigger battery means more phone life

This is not true. In fact sometimes phones that have a heavier battery have a low phone life and run for less number of hours. Wi-Fi, drop in network, etc. affect the battery life.

Use the charger that came with your phone

Modern smartphones are equipped with generic USB chargers. As long as a USB charger can provide adequate power, use it to charge your smartphone.

It will be beneficial if you can plug your phone to a powerful charger as it will charge your phone faster. Your phone will only draw as much power as it needs from the charger and yet it will not be damaged.

Protect you screen with a screen guard

A screen protector is a sheer sheet of plastic that clings on your smartphone’s screen. If the screen would ever be scraped by something, the plastic would be scratched instead thus protecting the screen. Plus it is cheaper to replace a flimsy piece of plastic than your smartphone’s screen!

This was a good idea some time back but modern smartphones use Gorilla Glass or similar technologies to produce extremely scratch proof glass.  As long as you handle your phone with care it should be fine.

Higher megapixel means better camera

Megapixels are not just a myth for smartphone cameras they are a myth for nearly any type of digital camera. It is believe that a larger number of megapixels are always better. More megapixels look good only on the specification sheet, and manufacturers can boast the number of megapixels their smartphone’s camera offers. One megapixel equals to one million pixels, and the number of megapixels tells you how many pixels a photo will have. Apple’s iPhone 6 still has an 8-megapixel camera, while high-end Android smartphones often offer 16-megapixel cameras.

As compared to a 16-megapixel camera, an 8-megapixel camera sensor of the same size will have larger pixels. More significantly, the total quality of the sensor, lens, and image-processing software is also very vital.

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They should come out with upgrades for the specific phones and not for the separate Operating System. This way a special version for your phones specific hardware can be made

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