Bizarre Apps For Your Smartphone


Bizarre Apps For Your Smartphone

We all know what smartphones are capable of  and what we can do with them; phone calls, surfing the web, checking emails, playing games, taking pictures, watching videos, listening to music and the list goes on and on. However, talking about applications, the market has a host of apps which can successfully be tagged as bizarre for all the weird reasons. Let’s take a look at some of these ridiculous and strange programmes that the market has in store for its consumers.

Bowel Mover Pro (iPhone/iPad)


Tracking your bowel movements is actually a fine way to watch your health on a day-to-day basis. This app will help you follow what you ate and how it turned into a bowel movement, with your stress level and the amount of fiber and water in your diet. Email your charts to your doctor or simply tweet your bowel status to your friends (just kidding!).



TapThat (Android)


This app takes mobile apps to a whole new level! With TapThat you take two NFC-qualified smartphones and choose a character on each (one of whom could be Homer Simpson, to give you an idea of the talent this app has), then tap together those phones to let them have sex! Yes you read it right. I say no more. This app has the skill to get your phone to copulate with another NFC-enabled Android device running Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich!



Nose Candy (Android)


There are certain things that work on Android, Apple and its App Store guidelines would never, ever approve. Also known as the Charlie Sheen App, the concept here is simple. Cut up a bunch of fake cocaine and imagine you are sniffing it. There are five levels of difficulty and the phone vibrates when you reach the suitable level of intoxication.



ifart (iOS)


Pretty self-instructive, this app might make you pretty popular among your colleagues/friends if they like playing pranks and enjoy toilet humour. Thank the stars that they didn’t think about associating it with our sense of smell! Or maybe, there is another app for that!

iVodoo (iOS)


Are you a sadist? If yes, this will help you vent out your anger. This app is nothing short of virtual sadism. It lets you select your enemy’s picture and place it on the head of a cartoon voodoo doll image, and then cause as much pain as possible upon it with a bombardment of pins!

Pointless Button (Android)


Possibly one of the most pointless apps you will come across, it is intended to be pointless but apparently has a point to it. Pointless Button is merely an onscreen button that you push. To be pointless, though, you’d expect nothing to happen when you push the button. After a certain number of taps you release various things such as a picture of a cat, and after a while you start to be in awe of what else will pop up onscreen if you just keep pushing that button…

Pimple Popper (Android)


I am sure your mom must have told you not to pick your spots because they would leave a scar? But you helplessly fidgeted with it and now regret it! Pimple Popper makes sure that the younger generation doesn’t have to tolerate this suffering. Rather, it lets them pop their pimples from a free app than their own spotty faces. There are quite a few types of spots to squeeze; even the crusty ones.

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