Bizarre Games That Defy Explanation

We have game categories for a reason.

It is to easily sort our games into, shooting games, stabbing games, racing games, and so on. Occasionally, however, comes a game that entirely challenges your deplorable attempts to classify it. You’ll never trap these games under a label.

Noby Noby Boy     



This game is just weird. First you have to play as a “Boy” who can stretch his body to unimaginable lengths from both ends. The objective of the game is to stretch and increase the score through stretching. This score is added to the total of everyone else’s game score and it causes another character named “Girl” to stretch out into the space.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch



The extended sequel to the unusual hit freeware game Octodad, this game has the same unmanageable tentacles and blue suit of Octodad for another round of proving your family that you are human. The game features various levels and locations than the previous one, along with many more circumstances for the Paternal Octopus to work out.

Goat Simulator



Don’t be misled by the name. Fool around in the open world as a goat, causing indefinable damage without any larger objectives makes it really a weird game. You can haphazardly destroy, or attempt to, almost anything that comes your way.

I am Bread



The creator, who gave you Surgeon Simulator, has also created “I Am Bread”. It is the ambitious tale of one white bread slice’s trip to become a toast. The objective is to guide the bread in a messy home to a toaster or a frying pan so that it may fulfil its calling. The game may be worth a look for those fascinated by the strange.

Katamari Damacy series



The offbeat hit PS2 game about rolling random objects into huge balls to mollify the King of All Cosmos generated a whole franchise devoted to keeping the ritual alive. You play as the Prince, who must mend the problem his father created when the King of all Cosmos unintentionally destroys all the stars in the galaxy, and by making balls of objects, you must make new stars to take their place. The series is known for its colourful visuals, appealing soundtrack, and that’s the only thing you will like in the game.

Street Cleaning Simulator



They city cleaning staff is not doing their job well and hence the streets are unclean. Jump into the seat of a dirt-busting street cleaner and keep your territory free from mess. Avoid foot-travelers, drive around the crazy traffic and win the respect of the public with your mighty three high powered brushes and powerful water jets.




We though life for the animals is hard, either you are the hunter, the kill, or sometimes you are stuck in the middle. That’s the problem that troubles Cubivore, except instead of animals; there are little squares with flappy limbs. And have to try to metamorphose as fast as you can to get as many companions as you can so your clan can become rulers of the wild. Does that make any sense to you?

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