Bose QuietComfort Headphones Go Wireless

Bose has finally introduced a wireless version of its popular QuietComfort 25 headphones in India. Termed, QuietComfort 35, it took quite a while for Bose to introduce wireless, noise-cancelling headphones, considering every other company in the market already has a wide range of such products. Bose itself has launched either wireless, or noise-cancelling headphones, but QuietComfort 35 are the first to incorporate both the features simultaneously. Even though it’s late in the game, the company synonymous with producing high quality over the ear headphones made sure it continued the legacy.


Design: -

1The QC (QuietComfort) 35 have typical, familiar Bose design. This has been tried and tested and Bose has decided to stick with the universal appeal of the headphones. If you are looking for something funky or jazzy, Bose are definitely not for you. The headphones look classy and comfortable. They are available in either black or silver. The bluetooth toggle is available on the right side along with volume control options. There is also a multi-functional button at the bottom which can be used to play/pause media, answer or end calls, or even enable voice-commands on the supported devices. QC35 also comes with NFC for quick pairing. You also have indicator lights to display the status of bluetooth pairing as well as battery remaining in the headphones. For charging you have micro-USB port. This can be quite helpful since micro-USB is the most popular charging cable used for mobile phones. You need not carry a separate charger for your headphones. Also, you have an auxiliary 3.5mm jack on the left side of the headphones. You can use the headphones with or without the AUX cable. You can also use this cable to connect other devices like laptop, tablets or even in-flight entertainment.


Sound: -


QC35 have large cusps and fits comfortably on your ears. The noise cancellation ability, which was much appreciated in QC25, has been retained. There is minimal ambient noise when you put your headphones on. The sound quality too, is crystal clear even at loud volume which is in accordance with the history of products that Bose has rolled out over the years. Another added advantage of the design of QC35 is that the hinges of each cusps can be folder by 90 degrees so that they can easily fit into a carrying case. They are lightweight and durable making them easy to carry around. The battery life when you use bluetooth is over 20 hours, which is quite commendable. It further increases upto 40 hours of usage with AUX wire. The headphones can be paired with two devices simultaneously, allowing you to watch a movie on one device, and answering an incoming call on the other. You can install Bose Connect app for better control over your headphones.

Verdict: -

The only drawback one could think for QC35 is that there is no ability to control the ambient noise. However, the pros easily outnumber cons. At INR 29,363, the headphones are the best money could offer in that range.

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