Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare- Release Date And What To Expect

You might remember the defining moment when the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer was launched. If not, to tell you in brief – fans went euphoric, but it soon turned into disappointment. Out of nearly eight million hits on YouTube, more than 320,000 gave it thumbs down while only around 180,000 liked it. Something was really not right with the trailer. Publisher Activision was quick to read the writing on the wall and soon came up with some fresh announcements.

Now, new and updated campaigns are slated to be included in the Infinite Warfare and is set to release on 4th November. Developer Infinity Ward took cognizance of fan complains regarding the much-liked franchise and YouTube ‘dislikes’ also seems to have stirred the company from slumber. The trailer’s sci-fi space look didn’t go down with the critics either. Infinite Warfare, as of now, is one of the most disliked instalments of the franchise, compared to other titles like Black Ops 3, Ghosts, and Advanced Warfare. Director Brian Horton, however, insists that the new campaign is still based upon the popular Call of Duty classic.


Horton accepted the minor differences between the first few installments of the game and the Infinite Warfare. The game’s latest version has optional missions where players will still be able to go through the entire campaigns. At the same time, gamers can safely expect the optional missions to add more spice to the game, regarding extended playability and more time for the campaign.

Well-known tech writer Michael Passingham seems to agree. Call of Duty lovers would like the twists in the game’s latest version. Other reviewers agree have similar things to say. The inter-galactic combat will be a good reason to boost the popularity of the franchise.

But, don’t get twisted. Infinity Ward has assured that the latest release will still revolve around the classic first-person shooting the series is known for.

Activision has perfectly timed the release of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It will be in stores in time to catch the Christmas frenzy. It is rumoured that the game will go with Sony’s newest 4K Play Station edition, the PS4.5, which would be released around the same time. The Play Station box will trigger the Infinite Warfare playing experience. The deafening boost effects will be loved by gamers.


The Modern Warfare Remastered would be bundled with the Infinite Warfare pre-orders. This will be a huge bonus for gamers. The original Modern Warfare game has been revamped and made particularly compatible with newer gaming consoles. The bundle offer hasn’t been finalized yet. If it happens, the new package will have 10 original multiplayer game maps as well as upgraded individual player campaigns.

The game’s online action features an evolution part of the Call of Duty movement system, with emphasis on frontline engagement. Infinite Warfare, additionally, would introduce an original multi-player Zombies mode. It will take gamers on a wild ride through a fresh storyline with exclusive gameplay mechanics and features.

Infinity Ward is also touted to have a few more surprises. How excited are you?! Comment below!

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