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Apps To Save You From Bad Travel Days

Aren’t the days when we are slightly late to leave from home the worst days in our lives? You take a bus to the station which seems to be stuck in snarling traffic forever! Stuck in the middle of nowhere, you realize that you’ve just missed your train or the next connecting bus and taking an auto won’t help either because, well, they can’t fly! So you don’t have any solution in mind apart from hoping and praying that you are able to reach for your class in time or reach office before your boss starts with the all-important presentation!

Well, as the traffic is not vanishing away anytime soon and it’s always the ‘mango people’ who suffer, let’s help you plan your travel better. So here are some apps to help you with your daily commute.



If you are in Mumbai, this app will be a life saver. This is an excellent application which is easy to download and use. It provides you with information about local trains, metro and mono rail, bus services, auto and taxi fares. If you commute between two specific stations everyday, you can even set your own shortcuts for train timings. If you feel that the autowala bhaiyya is trying to con you, just check the auto fare chart; the app provides a detailed fare table for both autos and taxis. M-Indicator has recently introduced a Safety feature wherein you can save two emergency contacts and send them an emergency SMS in times of distress.



What do you do on days when you have to drive down for a client meeting to some area where you have not been before? Download the MapQuest app! This will truly be your go to app for live maps, GPS, voice navigation and live traffic updates. You can rely on its directions and traffic info. MapQuest also suggests up to three detours if your way is clogged with traffic and informs you about the estimated travel time for each so that you can make your choices. This app is complete with information about nearby cafes, restaurants and gas stations.



If you are in Mumbai, Bangalore or Delhi, this app will surely come in handy. You can search for information about all the varied modes of communications available in these cities. From buses, trains and metros to cabs, autos and monorails, Zophop has information about it all. Use their Get Me feature to check the fastest and cheapest route between two places. If you need instant assistance, make use of the Talk To Us facility to reach customer care. Zophop is ad-free and accurate and is a great friend to travel with.

Smart Mumbaikar

smart mumbaikar

This is an excellent application for commuters traveling during peak traffic hours and otherwise as well. This app helps you figure out options to carpool with others along the same travel routes. You can therefore travel easily, faster and in a cheaper way too. Here’s what the app promotes: Sharing vehicles = Less vehicle on Road = Less Traffic, Less frustration and Faster Travel. We think it’s pretty cool! What do you think?



Here’s another app which can make your traveling easy. Traffline provides genuine, real-time traffic updates to help commuters save time, avoid traffic, alert other fellow commuters about bad roads and construction work in progress. You can also explore their maps to determine how congested the roads around you are, and, check travel times to your destination based on real-time traffic updates. Traffline also allows you to save your favorite locations for easy and quick access.

Armed with these awesome apps, you will surely have better commuting experiences! So forget your travel worries and welcome life with a smile.


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