Coolpad Mega 3 Triple SIM Packs A Neat Punch

Triple SIM phones are quite uncommon. But it isn’t difficult to imagine a situation where you may need the facility. The new Coolpad Mega 3 is one such phone. Priced just under Rs. 7,000 and packed in a crowded market, the triple SIM is the phone’s USP. The Mega 3 closely follows the launch of Mega 2.5D and is targeted at the budget customer.

coolpad mega 3

Let’s check out whether the device is worth its silver.

Look and feel

The Mega 3 is a large phone. At 170g, it’s pretty heavy as well. Coolpad, surprisingly, brands this phone as “feather light”. Material is full plastic, with a removable rear shell. The device fits nicely on your palm. The ribbed texture is a tad uncomfortable. The front camera has a flash next to it. The android navigation buttons aren’t backlit and are printed below the display. There’s a 3.5mm audio jack on the top and a micro-USB port in the bottom.

Specification and features

The 5.5 inch display has a 720×1280 resolution, which is largely a norm in most budget phones. Viewing angles and sharpness is good. Video playback is enjoyable. Outdoor legibility under direct sunlight is a minor pain.

The Coolpad Mega 3 is equipped with the MediaTek MT6737processor, with four ARM-A53 cores that run up to 1.2GHz. There’s 16GB fixed storage and 2GB RAM. The micro-SD card supports up to 64GB of expandable storage. The battery is a generous 3050mAh.

Both the cameras are 8MP with LED flash. The Mega 3 supports Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, FM radio, Bluetooth, GPS, VoLTE and 4G on all its SIMs but one at a time. The phone has no fingerprint sensor and quick charge facility.

coolpad mega 3 phone

The Mega3 runs on Android 6. The CoolUI 8.0 skin is single-layer, has no app drawer, but a lot of customisation. Swiping upwards from the bottom, iOS style, unlocks the screen and also pulls up the shortcuts to apps and the quick settings. The notifications section is neat. Even the Settings app has been overhauled.

The phone has pre-installed UC Browser, WPS Office, Zumei Weather, Amazon and the Touchpad 2015 keyboard.


The phone is marginally sluggish while opening and switching between apps. But Wi-Fi streaming media is smooth and crisp. Casual games are enjoyable. In fact Asphalt8 returned a decent performance on the phone. The single speakers, however, aren’t very good and the sound is compressed and harsh.

There’s no heating issue with the phone. Given its weight, single-hand operation is bit of a problem, but not impossible. Some of the CoolUI’s error messages have been poorly translated to English. The text is hard to understand. The Mega 3’s vibrator is very harsh and loud.

The Coolpad Mega 3 Triple SIM phone scored 29,604 on AnTuTu, 4,332 in 3DMark Ice Storm and 1,440 in the Geekbench 4 multi-core test. The killer battery lasts more than 10 hours on the video playback test.


The phone doesn’t compromise on any of its feature while handing out the triple SIM calling facility. Camera performance needs improvement. The CPU is a bit week. But it’s a steal at its price point and is likely to find patrons in the market.

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