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IT and Cyber Security education has usually been very costly. This cost barrier has made it difficult to initiate a new career in the field and to develop a current profession through learning and training. The grades of an expensive information security training market, is a facility space that is growing fast. There are more than 1 million unoccupied cyber security jobs globally because there are no adequate skilled professionals to apply. That is why you can join Cybrary! Every person deserves a chance to learn Cyber Security for free and to take those open jobs!


Cybrary is an open source and online Cyber Security training course which can be availed for free. The education system is committed to keeping the world’s IT professionals geared up for this increasingly varying information security industry and its technologies. You can learn more or less everything security related to either begin a new career in the field or proceed with your current occupation.

The training classes comprise everything from industry certifications such as CCNA, CISSP and Certified Ethical Hacker to highly developed niche expertise like post-exploitation hacking and advanced penetration testing. It also consists of interactive lab demonstrations, instructional lectures, exam study guides, case studies, white papers, and more.

The Course Catalog includes:

Advanced: CISSP, CASP, Social Engineering, Python for Security Professionals, Post Exploitation, Malware Analysis, Advanced Penetration Testing

Intermediate: SharePoint, Computer Forensics, Ethical Hacking, PMP, Management, Virtualization, MCSA, CCNA, CISA

Beginners: Linux+, A+, Network, Security+, Cryptography, Cloud+, ITIL

Cybrary was launched by Ralph P. Sita, Jr., CPA and Ryan J. Corey January 13, 2015 with an aim to provide the chance to learn IT and Cyber Security, to anyone, anywhere who’s interested. By managing a well-built website and rapidly adding up new materials from a range of authors, the group is swiftly gaining energy by building on top of a firm original inventory of courses with training in a rising diversity of areas.

They undoubtedly cover up a range of ‘cyber security topics in their library of content, thus the name ‘Cybrary’. But it is good to see that they also cover other areas of IT. That shows a echelon of indulgence by the group that it not only takes a lot of introductory knowledge before anyone even gets to the security side, but also that one must have information to preserve or proceed their careers.

Cybrary has done a good job at gathering knowledgeable and respected content authors. The authors also happen to be members of the site hence helping learners with direct messaging for concerns and questions.

Cybrary has also introduced its mobile app for Android. It is designed according to your handiness. However, it is yet to become a substitute for the full online course available on the website. Education should be made free. So visit or download the app from Play Store and start learning!

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