Dos And Don’ts While Buying A Used Phone


Getting a used smartphone means you have pay due attention to detail. To start with, warranty is generally out of question, or it will at least be radically condensed. Second, you need to make sure everything is working fine. And ultimately based on these, you have to get the right price. We have assorted some tips which will help you to buy a used smartphone.


Physical Appearance

Do a visual assessment. This goes beyond just looking out for a scratched screen or a loose back cover. Make sure there is no liquid damage which causes slow buildup of rust. To check this, open the back cover and check the battery sticker. If there’s no yellow or orange hue or any signs of discoloration, then the handset is fine. Examine the camera lens and places of cracks to get an idea as in how many times the phone has been dropped, so the internal machinery may not be reliable.

Technical Specifications

Buy a used phone with the technical specifications which you need. Also, do not simply go by the looks as some features may not be functional. Run a quick test like tap and swipe to confirm touchscreen sensitivity . Look for any lags as this may be pinpointing some problems with the inside circuitry and a sign that the phone may go to sleep eternally in the near future.

Is the Phone Stolen?

Make sure that you are not buying a stolen device. It would be awful to buy a phone only to learn that it has been reported stolen and the authorities come knocking on your door. These days it is a very common problem. Ask the seller for the IMEI or MEID to check various online resources to confirm if it is stolen.

Is The Phone Unlocked?

An unlocked phone provides better agility when picking a cellular carrier. However, whether unlocked or locked, the cost of the phone will finally resolve if the purchase is worth it. You may find that even though the phone is locked, the price is fair enough to warrant a purchase. It is also likely to unlock a phone so you can always pay for a used locked phone at a reasonable price and then unlock it.

Buyer Protection

There is no lack of shocking stories on the Internet about people who bought second-hand smartphones only for the trader to fail to transport the item and vanish with the money. Protect yourself from this wretchedness by using buyer protection services.

The Take Away

It commonly isn’t a good idea to buy a used smartphone over the Internet because you apparently cannot execute a proper assessment. You can always ask the seller to either send you high resolution photographs or better meet in person before you make a purchase decision.

Finally, to get an idea of the cost of a used handset, visit websites like ebay, olx or quikr.

If you have ever purchased a used smartphone online or offline, please share your experience in the comments below.

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